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It was like WOW!,this is a GREAT business! Even my wife approved, and she was quite sceptical at first.One of the best things about the whole deal was the sales letters we got with the programs.It's so easy because all you have to do is mail out the letters provided by GroupM.You don't have to write your own letters,which saves you a lot of time.We are still mailing the letters and are making money each time we mail them! In fact, I've made well over $350,000 from the 'Direct Mail Bootcamp' alone.

Peter Sun,President,Peter Sun Marketing

Dear Friend, 

Now you can own the "rights" to (and cash-in on) one of the greatest direct mail sales letters ever written! (You also get the rights to the famous product sold in the letter!) 

The letter I'm talking about is one "KILLER" of a sales letter! It's a proven winner that's generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales! 

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Now, the sales letter I'm referring to was written by master copywriter Bill Myers. I'm sure you've heard of Bill Myers. His copywriting skills are legendary. The sales letters Bill has written have pulled in millions of dollars and created mail order empires for him and his clients! 

Bill did an absolutely brilliant job of writing the letter I'm talking about. It is eight pages of pure salesmanship-in-print! This sales letter is by far one of the most profitable letters Bill has ever written. It's been tested and proven over and over again. IT WORKS!!! 

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The product that's sold in the letter is one you'll be proud to own the "reprint rights" to. It's a product that appeals to millions of people. It's also a product that is both timeless and classic and it will never go out of style. And, it's a product that will fatten your bank account with hefty profits! The product I'm talking about is the legendary . .

Direct Mail Bootcamp!!!

You've probably heard about the Direct Mail Bootcamp. This highly acclaimed event featured 10 of the world's most prominent direct mail marketers generously sharing their most productive direct mail secrets. (Marketers like Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert, and Carl Galletti just to name a few.) 

This renowned group of experts spent four solid days explaining how to create successful direct mail projects in a logical, step-by-step process. They started at the beginning with the very basics, and sequentially worked through each step of the entire direct mail process. 

Every exhilarating minute of the Direct Mail Bootcamp was professionally recorded onto 24 audio CD's. This fully indexed library of CD's, along with a 3-ring binder direct mail workbook, is now part of . . .

The NEW Direct Mail Bootcamp Home Study Course!

And, right now you can be one of a select group of people to acquire the reprint and duplication rights to this powerful course. You also get the reprint rights to the high-powered sales letter that's sold several hundred thousand dollars worth of the course. And, you get more! 

Now, when you own the rights to the Direct Mail Bootcamp, you'll have 10 of the world's leading direct mail authorities on your team to cash-in like never before! 

Here's a list of the experts featured in this comprehensive course: 

  • Ted Nicholas -- He has personally sold over $200 million worth of products by direct response! 

  • Gary Halbert -- His clients eagerly pay him $15,000 a day for his marketing advice! 

  • Bill Myers -- Known for his low budget direct mail projects that net high returns! 

  • John Carlton -- One of the best copywriters alive today, known for getting results! 

  • Phil Kratzer -- President of National Response Corporation; places 4,000 ads per week! 

  • David Deutsch -- Ex-Madison Avenue Copywriter, now highly in-demand freelancer! 

  • Carl Galletti -- Direct mail catalog expert, author, and direct marketing consultant! 

  • Lisa Morrice -- President of On Target Communications, specializing in direct response! 

  • John Eger -- A brilliant marketing strategist, involved in two-step marketing & classified ads! 

  • Karen Anderson -- Registered List Broker specializing in joint ventures and endorsed mailings! 

What an incredible line-up! Ten of the brightest and most talented marketing minds the world has ever seen! Everything they teach in this one-of-a-kind course has been proven in the marketplace. There are NO theories or textbook stuff -- just real-world direct mail principles that work! 

In fact, the mega-success strategies and techniques that these experts teach in this course have literally sold BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of goods and services for them and their clients! These marketers "walk-the-talk". 

One thing's for sure: Your customers will love the Direct Mail Bootcamp! Our customers tell us that this course is the absolute best thing they've ever seen on the subject of direct mail. And, we constantly hear success stories from customers who've applied what they learned from this course.


"The very complex subject of Direct Mail laid out in a clear, simple, step-by-step system. So simple anyone can do it! Great Job! If you can't take it from here and make a ton of money -- you are beyond all hope."

-- Ken Kerr, Author, "Mouse Power" and former Creative Director of Disney Imagineering and Project Manager of EPCOT Center and Disney Japan

The Direct Mail Bootcamp Home Study Course will teach your customers (and you!) high-velocity, profit-generating techniques on how to use direct mail to make massive amounts of money! It's a complete CRASH-COURSE on how to succeed with direct mail! 

This potent course features an amazingly talented group of direct marketers revealing everything they know about how to create successful direct mail projects! Every single aspect of direct mail is covered . . . from ground zero to complete roll-out. Nothing is left out. 

A Very Small Sampling Of The Important Topics That Are Covered On These 24 CD's

  • Why it is so important to Define The Market First, before you come up with the product. (Most people come up with a product, and then ask "Who can I sell it to?". That’s the wrong way.)

  • Where to find the Ultimate Market To Sell Direct Mail Products To. (And how to know before-hand if the people you are mailing your letter to are in the position to buy from you.)

  • How to find the Ultimate Direct Mail Product for your market. (And how to get manufacturers and distributors to send you free samples of products they want you to sell!)

  • How to Avoid The Really Dumb Mistakes behind almost all direct mail failures! (This alone can assure you of a 1000% better chance of success.)

  • How to find Start-Up Capital And Complete Financing for any direct mail project!

  • How to find names, addresses and spending habits of the group of People Most Likely To Want To Spend Money With You! How to write a "killer" direct mail offer that will Make People Want To Send You Money! How to Master The Mechanics Of Producing A Direct Mail Offer That Really Works!

  • How to use Premiums and Free Bonuses to Boost Your Sales Right Through The Roof! (And why the best premiums probably won’t cost you a dime.)

  • How to estimate the Profit Potential and risk of any direct mail offer, and How To Know In Advance Which Projects Will Be Big Winners before you invest a single penny ! ! ! How to Use the Post Office for Maximum Effect!!! (Includes techniques to disguise bulk mail, getting the best postal rates, and timing your mail for best responses.)

  • How to acquire the mail order rights to Best Selling Books and Videos for as little as $250!!

  • How to get a Print Shop to agree To Underwrite Most of the Start-Up Costs Of Your Next Direct Mail Project! (And how to use printing services to increase your response rate.)

  • How to put your Direct Mail Order Entry and Product Fulfillment System on Full Auto-Pilot!!! (Get orders taken, charge cards processed and products shipped without your involvement!)

  • What you must do to Protect Yourself Legally before you start any direct mail project!
  • A strategy to generate $100,000 in 120 days starting with just a $600 investment ! ! !

Now's Your Chance To Acquire The Reprint  Rights To This Powerful, Money-Making Course! 

  1. As a reprint rights owner of the Direct Mail Bootcamp, you can duplicate and sell the course as many times as you like -- forever! 

    You even get the rights to use any or all of the tapes in the course to create other products. For example, there are several tapes featuring Gary Halbert and Ted Nicholas discussing various aspects of direct mail. You can take those tapes and create separate products if you wish. 
    And, you'll never have to pay any royalties or fees. You own the products free and clear, and you keep all the profits. With the Direct Mail Bootcamp, you keep a lot of profits! 
    Let's take a look at the profits you'll make: 
    The Direct Mail Bootcamp Home Study Course will only cost you about $38 to print, bind, package, duplicate the tapes, box-up, and ship to your customers. I've been extremely successful at selling the course for $397. Of course, you can sell it for any price you wish. (Just to give you something to compare it to -- I know of one marketing course with 18 audio tapes that's being sold for $997.00!) 
    If you sell the course for the bargain price of $397 . . . 
    You'll Earn A Whopping $359 On Each Sale!!! 
    This is a VERY profitable product for you to own! The potential for you to make a ton of money with it is incredible! 
    Now you may be wondering . . . why am I willing to offer you the reprint rights to this goldmine? (My wife, Denise, wanted to know the same thing.) 
    Well, the answer is quite simple. There are literally millions of potential customers for the Direct Mail Bootcamp. And, there's no way you, me, or any other licensee can reach them all. (Even if we marketed the course like crazy for the next 10 years!) 
    You see, direct mail is a BIG, BIG business! The other day, the Direct Marketing Association faxed me a report that said . . .
    356.1 BILLION DOLLARS Worth Of Goods & Services Were Sold By Direct Mail In 1999!!! 
    Can you imagine that? 356 BILLION DOLLARS!!! Because direct mail is such a powerful medium, there's a tremendous demand for the type of insider information that's found in the Direct Mail Bootcamp Home Study Course. 
    And what's interesting is this: The demand for direct mail know-how appeals to all kinds of people. For example, I've sold the Direct Mail Bootcamp to dentists, to an advertising executive, to chiropractors, to sales professionals, to a real estate agent, to an accountant, and even to a couple of college students. It seems like everyone wants to know how to succeed with direct mail! 

    Let's Do Some Brainstorming! . . . 
    One way you can easily sell the Direct Mail Bootcamp course is by marketing it to the 9.5 million small business owners who are out there! Also, there are an estimated 37 million opportunity seekers in the U.S. that are hungry for the information found in the Direct Mail Bootcamp! (With tens of millions of people to market to, it should be easy for you to consistently pull in over $100,000 per year!) 
    Any business or individual that wants to attract new customers, prospects, clients, patients, and sell more of their products or services, is a prospect for the Direct Mail Bootcamp. 
    The bottom line is this: 
    You're going to make a lot of money with the Direct Mail Bootcamp! There's a BIG, hungry market for direct mail "know-how". (And it's growing each year!) When you own the rights to this course, you become the supplier of that know-how. 

    Here's what you get with your Direct Mail Bootcamp Business-In-A-Box: 

  2. You get unlimited reprint and duplication rights to the Direct Mail Bootcamp Audio Cassette Library. (These 24 tapes are completely indexed by hour and subject matter. They're packaged in two very attractive audio cassette library cases.) 

  3. You get unlimited reprint and duplication rights to the Insider's Guide To Direct Mail Profits 3-ring binder workbook that's included with the course. This 140 page, step-by-step guide covers direct mail start-up strategies, product development, sales letter copywriting techniques, envelope addressing & mailing, order taking, fulfillment, back-end offers, and much, much more. It even includes a complete direct mail project checklist. 

  4. You get reprint rights to the 8-page sales letter and order form (written by Bill Myers). You get the letter and order form on diskette and we'll even customize them for you with your name, address and phone number. Remember, this letter has already been tested and proven for you -- many times! It can provide you with a steady six-figure income year after year! 

  5. You get reprint rights to the lead-generating postcard. Simply mail this postcard for a quick and easy way to generate qualified leads for the Direct Mail Bootcamp. Then follow-up your leads with the sales letter. (You can also use the postcard as a lead-generating display ad in any one of the 1,000's of newspapers or magazines.) 

  6. You get reprint rights to several classified ads. Place these inexpensive ads in magazines and newspapers to generate as many leads as you want. These ads instruct your prospects to call a voice mailbox for more information. (We supply you with the name of a company that will provide you with a voice mailbox number, transcribe the names & addresses of all leads that come in, and then fax the leads to you daily. You simply mail the sales letter to these leads.) 

  7. You get reprint rights to all of the glowing testimonials. (The testimonials you'll own are enclosed with this letter.) 

  8. You get a "Certificate Of Duplication & Reprint Rights" certifying you own the rights to everything listed above. 

  9. You get an easy-to-follow, "fool-proof" Marketing Guide which gives you successful strategies and techniques you can use to cash-in BIG with this course! This guide also gives you a step-by-step plan for running this project on full auto-pilot! 

  10. You get camera-ready copies of the book, 8-page sales letter, tape box covers, and other printed materials. You get "professional grade" master copies of the 24 audio cassettes ready to take to your tape duplicator. (Also, feel free to use our duplicator. They keep these tapes in stock and they'll ship them to your customers for you.) 

  11. And, you get unlimited telephone support from me for one full year. If you have any questions about marketing, mailing lists, or whatever, just call me. However I can help you, I will. You are not alone with this project. 

As you can see, you get a LOT more than just reprint rights. You get a complete "Business-In-A-Box" that gives you everything you need to succeed! There's nothing left to chance. And there's nothing for you to guess about. 

And here's the best part: This new "Business-In-A-Box" can run on . . . 

Full Auto-Pilot!!!

 Once you start mailing out the sales letters, you're going to need a way to take and process all the orders you get. The easiest way, the way that guarantees the most orders with the least amount of work, is to use an order taking service. 

The one we use, and the one we recommend you use, will provide you with an 800 number, answer all calls, and take orders for you 24 hours a day. And, at your request, they will even . . . 

Accept And Process Credit Card Orders For You! 

With this order taking service, you do not need to have your own credit card merchant account. Because, they will accept and process all credit card payments on their merchant account for you! Every two weeks this service sends you a check for all the credit card orders they processed for you!) 

When all the orders start coming in, you can have the tape duplicator that we use ship the Direct Mail Bootcamp to your customers for you (for about $38). Remember, our duplicator keeps the entire course in stock (books and everything). This means you do not need to invest in an inventory. And, you don't have to bother with fulfilling all your orders -- they'll do it for you! (Under your mailing label.) 

You'll Never Find An Easier, Sure-Fire Way To Earn This Kind Of Money! 

If you're looking for a reliable way of making some serious money with almost no effort required, then THIS IS IT! The Direct Mail Bootcamp is a HOT product with a golden track record! It's extremely profitable! It appeals to millions! And, it runs on full auto-pilot.

Here's What The Top Dogs in The Industry Have To Say About The Direct Mail Bootcamp

"As someone who has purchased many home study courses in his life, I must admit I was floored by the amazing content and down-to-earth information presented by the masters of direct mail. I've already made money using just one of the ideas from the course -- in less than a week! I would seriously recommend the Direct Mail Bootcamp to anyone who wants to make a lot of money quickly with direct mail."

-- Jonathan Mizel, Colorado

"I never have gotten so much easy-to-understand, stick like VELCRO to the brain, direct mail techniques from one single source as I have from your Direct Mail Bootcamp tapes. For literally years, I had been looking for just such an all-in-one, complete direct mail guide. Your Direct Mail Bootcamp tapes have given me back my dream."

-- Jim Huebner, Florida

"I have just finished listening to the Direct Mail Bootcamp tapes. The material is excellent! I am finally convinced that I can get a direct response business going, and it has the lifestyle I want!"

-- Merle Thowe, Oklahoma

"Purchasing the Direct Mail Bootcamp is by far the most sure-fire way anyone (even a rookie like me) can get started in direct response marketing with the smallest risk and the potential of the greatest success."

-- James H., Tampa, Florida

"The material you sent is just great and will be very helpful to me in my efforts. It is very re-assuring to find people who are genuinely interested in helping others. Your honesty and integrity are obvious and I feel fortunate to have purchased your tapes."

-- Ken Schaadt, California

"You gave me step-by-step instructions I can use to grow my own direct mail business. With the advice you share freely, I'll be able to reach my dreams a lot quicker. Your successful experiences, passed on to others, will make doing business less risky and more profitable.

-- Mike Roth, Arizona

"The very complex subject of Direct Mail laid out in a clear, simple, step-by-step system. So simple anyone can do it! Great Job! If you can't take it from here and make a ton of money -- you are beyond all hope."

-- Ken Kerr, California

"Gary Halbert's point-by-point explanation of how to construct an offer and where to get a product was exactly what I needed. This was my first exposure to direct mail marketing and I have received so much good information that I can't wait to begin using it."

-- Steve P., Harrison, Arkansas

"I've already used a couple of the concepts from the Direct Mail Bootcamp. The bottom line was $11,500 in the bank in about five weeks. If you are serious about success and want to make money with direct mail, you must get this course."

-- Erold Ansell, Australia

"The Direct Mail Bootcamp was practical, professional and astoundingly thorough. I expected the material to be good but I never expected the amount of information I got.

-- Chuck Bernstein, Georgia

Right now, you can own the complete Direct Mail Bootcamp Business-In-A-Box for a one time investment of $2,277. 

As you can see, I've kept the investment for this "Business-In-A-Box" as low as possible. I know I could charge more for this package -- a lot more. Here's why: 

First of all, the sales letter you get, the one written by Bill Myers, is valued at $10,000.00! (But, it's worth much more than that.) 

You see, Bill's fee for writing an 8-page sales letter is a . . . 

Non-Negotiable $10,000.00!

As you know, most good direct response copywriters (the ones who know how to write killer copy) charge anywhere from $3,500.00 to $15,000.00 just to write an 8-page sales letter. And then, after they write the letter you still don't know if it'll work. You'll have to test it. 

With this package, you get a sales letter that has already been tested and proven for you -- numerous times! It's a letter that's pulled in hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in sales! IT IS A PROVEN WINNER!!! 

For the one-time investment of $2,277, you get reprint rights to a sales letter that practically sucks money out of peoples' wallets . . . PLUS, you get the rights to the most comprehensive course there is on the subject of direct mail! You get a complete "business-in-a-box" for much less than what most copywriters charge just to write a letter! 

And listen to this: A while back two reprint rights licenses were offered for the Direct Mail Bootcamp videos. Those two licenses quickly sold for . . . 

$18,000.00 each!!! 

(One of the Licensees has already earned over $300,000.00 selling the Direct Mail Bootcamp!!!) 

Right now, you have an opportunity to own the entire Direct Mail Bootcamp Business-In-A-Box for a fraction of $18,000.00! And, the sky's the limit on how much YOU can earn! 

This "Business-In-A-Box" is ready to go. All you do is open the box and plug into the simple, auto-pilot marketing plan. The next thing you know, you'll be filling out deposit slips for all the orders you receive. 

To obtain the rights to this package, you can use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card, or we can even take your check over the phone or by fax. 

And to make it easy, you can use our "Easy Installment Plan". This allows you to pay in three equal monthly installments of $759. 

Once you own the duplication and reprint rights, there are no on-going royalties or fees. And, there is no limit to the number of courses you can sell! You own the product and you keep all the profits! 

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Reprint and Duplication Rights to the Information Marketing  Bootcamp Home Study Course! As you know, the Internet is HOT right now! The Information Marketing Bootcamp is a comprehensive course which gives your customers (and you!) a complete understanding of Internet marketing along with dozens of techniques on how to be successful. 

This hot-selling course consists of 16 audio cassettes, a workbook, and a CD-ROM. And you get reprint rights to all of it! You even get reprint rights to an 8-page sales letter and several testimonials that have sold over $100,000 worth of these courses in less than a four month period! 

As you can see, owning the reprint rights to this additional home study course will put even more money in your pocket. But, to get the rights for FREE, you must place your order within the next 7 days. Otherwise, there will be an additional charge to license these products.

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To Your Success,

Collin Almeida

Collin Almeida, President
Success Strategies, Intl., Inc
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