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The titles included in this package are:
1: Great Advertising Quotations...
A Collection of Thoughts On The Business Of Attracting Customers (24 pages, half-size)

2: Great Advertising Quotations 2...
A Collection of Thoughts On The Business Of Attracting Customers (Volume Two) (24 pages, half-size)

3: How To UP YOUR PROFIT In A Down Economy...
114 Tips, Techniques and Tactics To Kick-Start Your Cash Flow, Boost Your Business, and Pile Up Your Profits -- When Other Businesses Are Struggling Just To Survive! (23 pages)

4: 7 Quick and Easy Headline Formulas...
Your Instant Reference Guide To Creating Explosive, Attention-Grabbing Headlines ANYTIME! (21 pages)

5: Yellow Pages Success Secrets...
How To Attract More New Business With A Riveting Ad That Captures Immediate Attention... Arouses Intense Interest... and Gets The Call Every Time! (19 pages)

6: 140 Quick Headline Tips... Easy To Use Techniques, Tactics and Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting Attention-Grabbing Headlines!
(19 pages)

7: How To Use Brochures To Grow Your Business...
79 Profit-Boosting Ideas, Tips, Tactics and Techniques to Help You Gain Maximum Marketing Value From Every Brochure! (14 pages)

8: How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days...
11 Key Concepts For Turning Your Business Into A Powerful, Customer-Focused Marketing Machine! (31 pages)

9: The Giant Headline Swipe File…
Almost 100 pages of Proven, Published Headlines You Can Adapt, Tweak, Customize and Fully Utilize For Your Own Profitable Ads and Sales Letters! (95 pages)

10: How To Get Far More Accomplished In A Lot Less Time...
113 Tips & Tricks To Help You Boost Productivity and Overcome Procrastination! (18 pages)

11: Unlimited Prospects Instantly...
How To Magnetically Attract A Flood of Fresh, Qualified and Highly-Interested Prospects -- Anytime You Want! (28 pages)

12: Display Ad Secrets... 101 Powerful Tips, Techniques and Strategies For Maximum Results (17 pages)

13: 113 Powerful, Persuasive Ways To Turn ANY Sales Letter Into An Explosive, Highly Responsive Moneymaking Machine!
(20 pages)

14: 66 Powerful Copywriting Strategies For Maximum RESULTS
(9 pages)

15: The Instant Website Sales Letter Tune-Up Kit…
7 Simple Steps To Boosting Your Conversion Rate Overnight! (8 pages)

16: 223 Dynamite Headline Words and 199 Explosive Headline Phrases Deluxe Edition
(14 pages)

17: Headline Q & A…
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Creating Headlines That Work (23 pages)

18: 100+ Amazing Headlines Instant Reference Postcard Library...
Create Magical Headlines In Seconds- just Like The Pros Do! (30 pages with 4 postcards to a page)


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• Original digital copies of all 18 products on CD…

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• Official Unlimited Duplication and Reprint Rights License


16 of the 18 Booklets/Special Reports are a full 8.5 x 11 inches in size, and range in page length -- from 9 to 95 pages. The other two (the two Great Quotation booklets) are roughly half the size (5.5 x 8.5) and each is 24 pages long. Classified Magic is an 80-page PDF book.

You can sell these booklets/ special reports individually... or bundle them together. Sell them one at a time... or in any quantity you choose. They can be used as bonus products, or powerful lead-generation tools. Add them to an existing product line... or launch a new one. The choice is yours.

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