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"Finally…A Quick and Easy Way
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Professional Digital Documents -
Without Spending a Lot of
Time or Money"

The 5-Minute PDF Creator Is The Easiest Way To
Publish Like A Pro - Guaranteed
Start Your Own Electronic Publishing Business
In Just 5 Minutes!

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"Scot's ebook is terrific. I've created a few PDF ebooks myself ... Scot's information will make my upcoming PDF books much better and I will be able to create them in much less time."

Ron Ruiz
Publisher, The Business Fastlane Newsletter

If 'techno-speak' stands between you and self-publishing success, you're not alone.You've no doubt heard how easy it is to sell digital products on the web...

...And it is.

But what no one tells you is that you it's software that makes it all happen automatically. That's fine if you're Bill Gates....he's apparently really good at that software stuff. The rest of us think, "Oh no, more software?????"

Experts agree that no other electronic publishing tool has all the features and benefits of Adobe Acrobat Distiller and PDFWriter. This industry-standard software makes great looking ebooks that:

  • look just like a printed page

  • can contain links to other sections of the book (just like a website)

  • can be locked using a virtually hacker-proof set of security features

  • can be read on any computer in the world - not just Windows or Macintosh

It's no wonder electronic publishers- from the work-at-home mom to Stephen King - use Acrobat to publish their E-Masterpiece. But who has the time to learn to use another piece of software?

Can't there be an easier way to publish great-looking electronic books without a degree in computer science?


Enter The 5-Minute PDF Creator

pdf creatorThe 5-Minute PDF Creator is a full-featured electronic manual... a set of easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for publishing Ebooks using the industry-standard for electronic publishing...Adobe Acrobat.

So you can start your professional 'publishing empire' without the hassles of learning to use new software...

...or the unnecessary costs of paying someone else.

Just follow along with the nearly 150 screenshots and detailed instructions, and in just 5-Minutes your E-Masterpiece is available to the world!

This is more than a bold claim...

It's My Guarantee!

If you can type an email, you can publish your own hyperlinked and multimedia rich Ebooks electronically - and instantly.

Everything is spelled out in exhaustive detail and complete with full-color pictures of each and every step of the self-publishing process. The 5-Minute PDF Creator will actually help you become more productive because it puts an end to publishing guesswork.

Time is the publisher's most precious resource - wasted time is money lost. That's why The 5-Minute PDF Creator includes only the how's and why's you need, and skips the filler. It takes you right to the heart of your deepest self-publishing woes.

It also contains my simple 8-Step Method for blasting your manuscript into a stunning Ebook in under 5-minutes. If you're scratching your head about how to publish your book electronically...

...I've knocked your learning curve to zero.

Take a No-Risk test drive right now with your Visa or MasterCard from my completely secure ordering system… and download the 5-Minute PDF Creator right away. Use it over and over for a full 3 months. If you decide it's not for you, I'll gladly refund your money.

The Risk is entirely on me…

  • no catch

  • no strings

  • no hidden costs.

Keep reading for more great benefits of this instant self-publishing 'machine'...or...

Take A No-Risk Test Drive



Publish Your Ebooks In Just 5-Minutes

Even if you've never even unwrapped your Acrobat software, you'll be publishing your very own professional Ebooks and business documents in a snap. The complete instructions will take you from manuscript to the bestseller list...

...with the very same tools Stephen King uses. Publishing your E-Masterpiece is as simple as following along with the screenshots and detailed instructions.

The 5-Minute PDF Creator contains nearly 150 screen captures, diagrams, and full color graphics. It was proven years ago that pictures are many times more effective than words when learning new concepts...now you can learn by watching, too.

The 5-Minute PDF Creator walks you through every step in the publishing process. You won't have to guess which button to push; I'll show you while I'm explaining it.

self publishing8 Easy Steps To Publishing Success

It doesn't matter whether you're publishing an 800-page Ebook or a single-page business document...use The 5-Minute PDF Creator and get it right the very first time. 8 simple steps hold your hand as you sprint through the PDF publishing maze.

In less than the time it takes to drink a cup of your favorite cold drink..you're publishing without a hitch.

publishPublish Instantly from Any Program on Your Computer

If you can print from your computer, you can publish your Ebook. Simple as that.

I even show you how use your scanner...or even your own website to create a great-looking Ebook.

acrobatProtect Your Work with Acrobat's Advanced Security Features

Never worry about 'prying eyes' or unauthorized distribution using Acrobat's security features. This protection is absolutely essential for self-publishers and is worth 10 times the price of the 5-Minute PDF Creator.

adobe acrobat pdf12 Dynamic Linking Styles

Give your readers all the benefits of electronic publishing with an incredible set of linking options. You'll link within PDF Ebooks, to the web, or even to specific programs (and files) on your reader's computer.

...12 different link types make PDF Ebooks 12 times more powerful than even the most robust website.

multimediaAn Unbelievable Set of Multimedia Features

Adding audio, video and enhanced multimedia to an Ebook has never been easier...and give your reader's Ebook that something special they just can't get in a printed volume.

Audio greetings, full-frame video and complex animation are just one click away using the 5-Minute PDF Creator.

pdfTrue Interactivity with Your Readers

Collect comments, survey opinions, and build relationships with your readers with the incredibly versatile forms features. Your readers will send you vital business and customer service feedback instantly and directly from within your PDF Ebook.

Sounds confusing, right? Well sit tight because I absolutely guarantee there is...

No Publishing Experience Needed

If you can read (and you can read, can't you?), you've got everything you need to put The 5-Minute PDF Creator through its steps in just a few moments. And better yet, if you can type a letter in your word processor, you can publish like a seasoned pro.

It's that simple.

Before the internet, self-publishing was only for those with serious up-front money. Today, electronic publishing costs almost nothing.

If you have Acrobat and a simple word processor, complete the set with The 5-Minute PDF Creator and be a publishing success story...

...Virtually overnight.

Easy to Install - Even Easier To Use

The 5 Minute PDF Creator comes with its own custom installer. You don't even need to know how to use your computer to use this problem-solving Ebook.

Just save the downloaded file to your desktop and double-click. My customized installer will do the rest. It'll even place an icon right on your desktop... where you need it.

You don't need to be a techno-whiz to use the 5-Minute PDF Creator, everything is spelled out in vivid detail. It even includes full-color pictures of each and every step.

The 5-Minute PDF Creator will actually help you become more productive… there's simply no guesswork at all.

Take A No-Risk Test Drive

Adobe Acrobat pdf

Use The 5-Minute PDF Creator on
Any Computer In The World

Nearly half of all internet users don't have Windows on their computers.

That means that unless you use a powerful, cross-format publishing tool like Acrobat, you're turning nearly 50% of your readers away. That's why The 5-Minute PDF Creator is a PDF Ebook. It guarantees that you'll be able to take advantage of every single timesaving step...

...no matter where you live or what kind of computer you have.

And what's more...

When you publish your Ebook in PDF, readers from anywhere in the world, using any kind of computer, can have instant access to your E-Masterpiece.

Hyperlinks Bring Ebooks to Life

You don't even need to read the entire 5-Minute PDF Creator to publish your E-Masterpiece. Just open the Table of Contents and click right to the answer you're looking for.

You won't have to scan through hundreds of pages to find a quick answer to your publishing question…it's just one single click away.

It's like having your own personal tutor right inside your computer…holding your hand and walking you through each and every step of the electronic publishing process.

Nothing is left to chance, and you'll be publishing like a pro in no time.

Even if you've never created an Ebook before, you'll get it right the first time - and your readers will thank you for it with a lifetime business relationship.

Only The Good Stuff

Acrobat has a list of features a mile long. You, as a self-publisher and business user, will never need most of them. Why water down the good stuff with a lot of filler that simply doesn't apply to you?

You get only the information you need to publish great-looking Ebooks.

Save the 400 pages of "Exchange Network Administrator Functions" for the propeller-heads. The 5-Minute PDF Creator has only the how-to's and why-for's you need.

Take A No-Risk Test Drive

Adobe Acrobat pdf


A Price You Can Afford

I've spend nearly 100 hours learning every trick in this Ebook. Heck, I've even learned functions I've never needed to use.

If you were to hire a professional software trainer for the same 100 hours, your fees would run at least $100 an hour. Most folks just can't afford such astromonic rates.

I've knocked your learning curve to zero and at just a fraction of a fraction of the lowest training fees. It's like you get a $25,000 education for the price of a (short) night out. And what's more...

Still have questions about the 5-Minute PDF Creator?  Visit our FAQ page.

There's No-Risk When You Order

You can use the 5-Minute PDF Creator over and over for a full 3 months. If you decide it's not for you, I'll gladly refund your money. Only an honest businessperson...one with your publishing success in mind...would make an offer like this.

I would be out of my mind to make such a comprehensive guarantee if I wasn't absolutely sure this book would give instant answers to your most nagging self-publishing questions. Try it out without risking one red cent.

Instant & Secure Electronic Ordering

Ready to Order The 5-Minute PDF Creator and take me up on my No-Risk Offer?

Just click the Test Drive Button to be whisked to our secure ordering center. All transactions are instantly verified and processed using the LinkPoint Secure Gateway and Cardservice International processing, a 10-year old company with a spotless record of customer satisfaction.

This guarantees that every step of the ordering process is effortless and your personal information will stay in safe and respected hands.

Take Me Up On My No-Risk Offer and Learn About the Sensational Bonus Package That Makes This a Truly Exceptional Deal...

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