"If you have been looking for a product to market, one with ready-to-use, tested ads, sales materials and other tools to help you sell it, look no further -- this is your chance to own a range of profitable products for a fraction of their development and production costs."

  P.S.  Duplication rights are available for all products listed below.  You may also purchase any of these products at lower retail prices for personal use.

Internet Marketing Courses  

New Products Coming Soon!



   Copywriting & Advertising Courses

Robert Boduch's Great Headlines Instantly!

Nothing else can produce such a dramatically different result as an improved headline.  Learn the hugely profitable skill of headline writing and have a valuable, money-making resource you can use for years to come! 180 pages of hard hitting info that will help you achieve record-breaking response rates and explosive sales growth.

Dan Kennedy's Advanced Copywriting Seminar

Dan takes you through EVERY element that goes into a winning ad or sales letter -- in minute, exacting detail -- supported by loads of examples. Learn EVERY trick, strategy, and method he uses. Discover his personal methods for being FAST, efficient, and prolific at writing sales copy.

Bob Silber's Secrets To Creating Killer Ads That Sell

You can have the best product or service, attract mega traffic to your site and not sell squat! You know it's true. Without a compelling sales presentation you are dead in the water, period! That is a fact.

All that is about to change for you. Get instant access to the tools to write a compelling ad or master sales presentation every time. One that works like magic whenever you need it. Utilizing unique marketing techniques you won't find anywhere else. Click here to get the inside scoop.

Robert Boduch's Classified Magic ...How to Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG! 

A crash course on how to craft super-responsive classified ads that sell like crazy! You'll discover step-by-step, how you can turbo-charge your tiny ad into a perpetual, cash-flowing marketing machine. I use the word "machine" because once you master these secrets, you can almost put your plans on auto-pilot ...and the results still keep pouring in ...non-stop! 

Create Ads, Letters and Web Sites That Have More 
Selling Power, Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before

This extremely easy-to-use software tool can help you create copy for your ads, letters and websites that's more powerful and gets you more sales. And you'll do it quicker and easier than ever before. It runs on any IBM compatible computer running Win95 or greater. Check it out.

Dr.Paul Hartunian's "Million Dollar FREE Publicity" System

Learn how to get millions of dollars of 'advertising' FREE of charge!  Publicity is even more valuable than paid advertising.  Paul Hartunian tells you how to tap the enormous powers of major TV shows and publications to create massive amounts of positive publicity to promote yourself, your product, or business.

Mail Order/Direct Response 
Marketing Courses

Mail Order Business-In-A-Box

If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to get into a highly profitable home-based business that you can run in your spare time this is it.This "turn-key" package gives you proven products, proven ads, a proven step-by-step plan, proven everything you need to cash-in BIG with your own mail order business (while working part-time!).

You'll own the reprint and duplication rights to hot-selling books, videos, audio cassettes, computer software and a complete "home study course" that thousands of people want to buy.


No matter who you are or where you live in this country, you can learn how to make a good income doing nothing but coming up with and rolling out direct mail projects. And it's an easy business to get into.

Direct Mail Bootcamp Business-In-A-Box

The Direct Mail Bootcamp Home Study Course will teach your customers (and you!) high-velocity, profit-generating techniques on how to use direct mail to make massive amounts of money! It's a complete CRASH-COURSE on how to succeed with direct mail!

How To Find HOT Mailing Lists Using The Little Known Trade Secrets Of The Big-Time List Brokers

On these two information packed tapes, youíll see and hear Direct Marketing Expert and Registered List Broker Karen Anderson. Karen will tell you what you can do -- not only to protect yourself from bad list -- but also how to get the most "bang for your buck" with great, hot mailing lists.

Bill Myer's  Insider's Guide To Direct Mail Profits 

This comprehensive, one-of-a-kind publication was put together by two of the most successful direct mail experts in the industry. It will show you step-by-step how to start and manage your own highly profitable direct mail business. Includes the steps one needs to follow, shows how to find a product, create a winning sales piece, how to price the product, and where to find customers. Also includes a complete project launch check-list, and sources needed for a successful direct response marketing campaign.

Bill Myer's 301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques and Secrets

This highly acclaimed 190 page book is a "Creative Goldmine" for anyone preparing a direct mail project or offer. The tips, techniques, and secrets shown within can help make your next project a real winner!

Whether you are a seasoned direct mail marketer or new to the business, this book is for you. It is power packed with tested and proven direct mail strategies that no direct response marketer can afford to be without.  Learn what it takes to succeed in direct mail.

This latest version of this highly rated book is 190 pages long, is professionally printed and bound with a color cover, and is an ideal product for the income opportunity or business market. Includes a killer 4 page sales piece that will pull orders like crazy.

Direct Mail Toolbox 

Now you can have instant access to the tools used by Expert Direct-Marketers everywhere!

Have you ever wondered why some people always make money ó while others seem to never be able to find the "winning" combination? If you want the winning combination, then you simply must get "The Direct-Mail Toolbox!"

This "toolbox" contains all the wealth-building "tools" you need to succeed! It doesnít matter WHAT you sell... If you sell by mail ó then you must get The Direct-Mail Toolbox. What is this "toolbox?" Thatís the great part! This Direct-Mail Toolbox comes to you on a single Computer Disk ó so itís super-easy to use! 

Bob Serling's New Business Power Marketing Program

Discover a powerful, inexpensive new way to bring in all the highly qualified leads you'll ever need. The kind of leads that will rocket your sales right off the charts!  These amazing techniques work for any type of business: mail order, service businesses, retail stores. Plus, you'll learn how to convert more prospects into cash paying customers.

Carl Galletti's Marketing Made Easy Workshop

Peter Sun reveals a scientific approach to marketing that will super-charging all your direct marketing efforts and produce huge jumps in your sales and profits. And best of all, making all this happen in record time. The strategies and techniques are new and completely unique. They are not ones you can learn by picking up a book in a library, or by going along to a normal Sales or Marketing Seminar.

Peter Sun's 17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads And Get New Customers

Learn how to get all the leads and sales you'll ever need.  Peter Sun details over 17 ways to generate leads and get new customers, including many samples of each format as he used them. Everything you need to hit the ground running and bring in truck loads of new business immediately. 

Peter Sun's How To Increase Your Business in Any Economic Climate

Discover how to instantly boost your business in any economy,  even in a recession. Peter Sun reveals techniques for attracting more customers, having the customer come back more often, and spend more money each time!

Peter Sun's How To Make Maximum Profits in Minimum Time

Expert Peter Sun goes beyond mere Marketing theory to give you literally over hundreds of ready-to-use ads, letters and promotions. These profit packed winners were all tested and proven to dramatically increase business.  This package gives you pages of successful business boosting marketing ideas at your fingertips. 

Mitch Axelrod's 21 Ways To Double Your Sales

Discover how to close the sale in today's world of paralyzing skepticism and fear. Mitch Axelrodis, one of the finest experts and teachers on sales and marketing in America, details 21 of the most powerful principles, laws, ideas, methods and strategies proven effective through testing and experimentation by top professionals. These ideas will revolutionize your personal and business skills. 

Mitch Axelrod's Secrets of Ultra Successful Selling!

Learn the strategies, tactics, even the exact words to say, to close more sales and convert more visitors into lifetime customers. If you really want to close more sales, generate higher commissions and earn more money, there are proven and tested approaches you should be using. 

How To Earn $30,000 A Month 

Bill Myers shows you how to use the power of Direct Mail list to find customers that have money to spend, what kind of products they want, how to reach them, and how to sell to them. You'll learn how to know before you start whether any project will be profitable or will become a "no win" situation."

Successful Direct Marketing In A Decessionary Economy

Bill Myers shows you how to find customers that have money to spend, what motivates them, what they want to buy, how to reach them, how to write ads they will respond to, 6 important ingredients to attract customers and the best two groups of customers to market to.

"Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing System" Mini-License

Now you can profit from Dan Kennedy's Most Successful Information Product of All Time!  The "Magnetic Marketing System" shows how to boost sales for virtually every kind of business, featuring examples for retail, wholesale, service, manufacturing and industrial, even Doctors and other professionals. This course can benefit every salesperson on the planet (for them, it eliminates the thing they loathe most; cold prospecting). A mini-license is being offered, including tons of sales material, a web site, and lots of bonuses.

Bill Myer's The Unfair Advantage Letter Book 

Bill Myers compilation of winning sales letters, classified ads, press releases, direct mail pieces, display ads and correspondence. With a retail price of $87 this book is a must for any 'Home Based Business' marketeers. Complete with ads and sales flyer copy.

Reprint Rights Licensing

Dr.Paul Hartunian's Building Wealth With Licensing Package

Have you ever tried to create your own product? I mean any kind of product - an information product, some new kind of widget, whatever. It wasn't easy, was it? But you're probably always looking for more things to sell to your customers. The more quality products you have to sell, the more money you can make. So where do you get great products? Click here.


Create Ads, Letters and Web Sites That Have More 
Selling Power, Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before

This extremely easy-to-use software tool can help you create copy for your ads, letters and websites that's more powerful and gets you more sales. And you'll do it quicker and easier than ever before. It runs on any IBM compatible computer running Win95 or greater. Check it out.

Double Your Business With This Easy-To-Use Tool

This easy-to-use software tool enables you to figure out which promotions are the TRUE WINNERS. Once you know which promotions are the true winners, and you run with those, your business skyrockets. It runs on any IBM compatible computer running Win95 or greater. Check it out. 

Discover How Much Your Business Is Worth

The Business Valuation software can let you assess the value of your business, quickly, easily and in private. And it doesn't matter if you're not an accounting expert or some kind of mathematical 'super-brain.' The BizVal software does all the work for you!! 

All you do is enter some numbers from your balance sheet, profit/loss statement, or your tax return, and you're done. The BizVal software will calculate how much your business is worth and INSTANTLY show you the results. Not only that, it will also show you the ROI (Return On Investment) percentage! 

It runs on any IBM compatible computer running Win95/98/NT and you get a whole stack of extras. Check it out. 

Information Marketing / E-Publishing

Ron LeGrand's "Info Marketing Bootcamp"

Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Ron LeGrand and other info marketing millionaires teach you step-by-step how to create or license info products for pennies and sell for top dollars.  This package is the "Ultimate Course on Selling Information."

Fred Gleeck's Publish For Maximum Profit Bootcamp

Discover the Secrets Of Starting A Million Dollar Information Business on a shoe-string from actual experts who have done it. They'll share the techniques they used to make their millions with high demand, simple to run online information businesses.

E Publish For Profits Business In-A-Box

Cash in on the exploding ebook craze with this "turn-key" package of proven digital products, a proven step-by-step plan marketing plan, providing everything you need to cash-in BIG with your own e-publishing business (while working part-time!).  Bob Silber calls this package "The Single, Most Exciting, Profitable E-Publishing Opportunity of The Millennium."

The 5-Minute PDF Creator

Start your own electronic publishing business. Learn how to publish professional digital documents without spending lots of time and money. This full-featured electronic manual gives you a set of easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for publishing Ebooks using the industry-standard for electronic publishing...Adobe Acrobat.

Profit Pulling Newsletters

Everything you need to know to launch your very own email newsletter and rake in the profits! Net expert Jimmy Brown shows you how to build your own opt-In mailing list and milk it for everything it's worth!

Bob Serling's Roadmap To Creating A Million Dollar Information Products Empire
If you'd like to make truly staggering profits in the lucrative field of information marketing, Bob Serling's powerful  course "Info Millions" is an absolute must. You'll learn the inside secrets on How To Turn What You Already Know About Your Work, Hobby, Or Personal Interests Into A Million Dollar Information Products Empire. Click here to find out how you can have privileged access to these proprietary secrets.  (License Not Available)



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