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And it doesn't matter if you're not a computer wizard, accounting expert or mathematical genius because the software DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

Dear Friend,

    This letter may turn out to be one of the most profitable letter you ever see.

    Here's what it's about:

    A revolutionary EASY-TO-USE piece of software is now available for you to get a hold of. It's called the Promotion Analyzer and by using it you can


    You see, the key to having a successful business is

Monitoring and ANALYZING Your Promotions

    Monitoring is the easy bit.

    All you do is have "codes" and coupons in your ads, vouchers in your sales letters, different phone numbers to call, different people to ask for, different web pages to visit and so on.

    It's then a simple matter of counting the coupons and vouchers etc. to know how many sales you got and where your sales are coming from.

The hard part is analyzing it all.

    Figuring out whether one promotion is better than another. Working out which ones are more cost effective, which ones have a higher response rate and which ones give you a higher Return On Investment (ROI). You've got to be a mathematical genius to figure it all out.

    And seeing as not many of us are mathematical geniuses, the hard part, analyzing your promotions, gets left out (closely followed by monitoring because there's no point doing half of something if you can't do the other half).

    And that's a shame because

ANALYZING your promotions is the MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!


    It's natural. Once your promotions are analyzed and you know which ones make you the most money, you dump the losers and run with the winners. And when you do that you


    Knowing all this doesn't solve your problem though - analyzing your promotions even if you're not a mathematical genius.

full screen view     That's where the Promotion Analyzer steps in. By using it you'll be able to analyze your promotions QUICKLY and EASILY and DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS because you'll

INSTANTLY be able to find the WINNERS.

    And you don't need to be some kind of accounting expert or mathematical super-brain either!

    The EASY-TO-USE Promotion Analyzer DOES IT ALL FOR YOU. And AUTOMATICALLY stores all your results in its own database so you can go back over them whenever you want.

    You enter a few numbers, add a few comments if you like, click the calculate button and you're done! The Promotion Analyzer will have calculated your total sales value, your response rate percentage, your total promotional costs, your net profit and your ROI per marketing dollar invested.

Printed Report     You can then get a nicely formatted print out of your results to show to partners, investors, bankers, to take to meetings, to review at your leisure at home or to keep as a back up.

    You can also add records to the Promotion Analyzer database, delete a promotion's record, search for previous promotions so you can run them again or change the order in which you view your promotions.

    And it can all be done with

A Single Click Of The Mouse!!!

    And once done, all your vital information is saved AUTOMATICALLY.

    Here's an "actual size" view of the controls you use...

On screen controls

    You can also view your promotions seven different ways by using the "Sort by" button...

Sort by

  1. Net Profit will re-arrange and re-display your records from most money made down to least money made. So if you need to make a bit of FAST CASH you simply use this option to find your most profitable promotion and run it again.

  2. ROI will re-arrange and re-display your records from most money made per dollar invested to least money made per dollar invested. So if you've got a limited budget you can make sure you run the promotions which make you the MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY for every dollar you invest.

  3. Resp % will re-arrange and re-display your records from highest response rate percentage to lowest response rate percentage. Great if you need a promotion that generates THE MOST SALES POSSIBLE - say for clearing stock or whatever.

  4. P Cost Dn will re-arrange and re-display your records from most money spent on promotion down to least money spent on promotion. This option and the following option allow you to find promotions to match your budget.

  5. P Cost Up will re-arrange and re-display your records from least money spent on promotion up to most money spent on promotion.

  6. Date Bk will re-arrange and re-display you records from newest to oldest. This is the default setting so the promotions you're currently running are ALWAYS RIGHT THERE FOR YOU.

  7. Date Fw will re-arrange and re-display your records from oldest to newest.

EVERYTHING you need to make your business MORE PROFITABLE and control the software is right AT YOUR FINGER TIPS - just a mouse click away.

    The only time you need to go to the Menu system is if you want to have two windows or more open at the same time, re-arrange the way your open windows display, view the help file or check out the "About" box.

two windows     You'll notice I just mentioned having two windows open at the same time.

    This enables you to view and compare two different promotions at the SAME TIME without needing to scroll back and forth through your records. As you can see by this 800x600 screen shot (greatly reduced to fit here).

    The help file, which contains all the help you need, plus EXTRA IDEAS on monitoring your promotions, is only two clicks away. And is accessed by going to the "Help" menu and clicking "View Help..."

help file

    And if you'd rather go over the help file on paper, you can print it out using the button at the bottom of the help file window (EASY)!

help print

    As you can see, the Promotion Analyzer is EASY-TO-USE and takes all the hard work OUT of analyzing your promotions to find out which ones are the WINNERS.

    Once you know the winners and run with them,

Your Business Doubles Virtually Overnight.

    Also... by using the Promotion Analyzer all your most profitable promotions are only a mouse click away. NOTHING could be EASIER.

    This is one software tool NO BUSINESS OWNER SHOULD BE WITHOUT, if they truly are serious about making money in their business.

    By now you must be wondering what the investment required is.

    Well, before I reveal the price I want you to think about something...

    Think about HOW MUCH it's WORTH to you. Think about HOW MUCH it's WORTH to be able to CUT BACK on your marketing COSTS and MAKE MORE MONEY. Think about HOW MUCH it's WORTH to be FREE OF THE HEADACHES of analyzing your promotions. Think about HOW MUCH it's WORTH to be able to DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS. Think about it...

    It¹s WORTH A LOT, isn¹t it?

    And certainly WORTH FAR MORE than the measly $197AUS (roughly $125US, £78UK) being asked.

    In fact, when you think about HOW MUCH it's WORTH to you EACH and EVERY DAY for the life of your business, $197 is chicken feed.

    Look. If you¹re sincere about wanting to MAKE MORE MONEY IN YOUR BUSINESS, then investing $197 for the Promotion Analyzer is about the best investment you could ever make.

    Of course, your INVESTMENT is TOTALLY PROTECTED thanks to my

365 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

    Put the Promotion Analyzer to work in your business for a full twelve months. If after that time you haven't increased your business then simply ask for your money back. You'll get a no-hassle refund on the spot - no questions asked. That¹s a promise!

    Am I crazy to offer such a guarantee?

    Maybe. The truth is... I feel that once you see how PROFITABLE your business has become by using the Promotion Analyzer, you won't want your money back. And with the guarantee you have


    In fact, you can ONLY COME OUT IN FRONT.

    And as if getting this PROFIT INCREASING software and a 365 day 100% money-back guarantee wasn¹t enough, you also get

Twelve Months Support, For FREE!

    While other software vendors want to charge you for support, you get it from me for FREE. Of course, I doubt you'll need any help with the software because it's so EASY TO USE. But just in case you do, you've got it.

    ORDER RIGHT NOW by clicking here.

    Listen. If you¹re serious about making more money in your business then you owe it to yourself and your bank account to get this software and DO IT NOW!!! Don¹t put it off for one second. Don¹t dilly-dally about it. Don¹t um and ah. You know you want increased profits. You know you want a more successful business. You know the Promotion Analyzer is WORTH a tremendous amount of MONEY TO YOU. Order right now while it¹s fresh in your mind. Click here.

    The more you think about it, the more you want to get the Promotion Analyzer because you can see how much it¹s WORTH to you and how much better off your business will be. And because it comes with a 365 day 100% money-back guarantee which means you have ZERO RISK! So go grab you credit card and order right now this very second. Be glad you did.

Thanks for reading and look forward to your order.

Yours for Increased Profits,

Bryan Guentner

P.S. The Promotion Analyzer, which helps you DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS and comes with a 365 Day 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE OF INCREASED PROFITS, will run on any IBM compatible computer running Win95 or greater. And is a 3.3 megabyte download

P.P.S. Whether you run an offline business and market with ads, letters, postcards or flyers, or whether you run an online business and market with ezines, search engines, targeted email, give-aways or webpages, the Promotion Analyzer is the tool you need.

By using it you can QUICKLY & EASILY SAVE MONEY ON MARKETING, SAVE TIME WORKING OUT YOUR PROFITS and DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS. And you don¹t need to be a computer wizard, accounting expert or mathematical genius. The Promotion Analyzer does it all for you. Click here to order.



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