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Dear Direct-Marketer,

The upcoming recession is going to force many people out of their jobs. Who will survive?

A recent report showed that if everyone were to lose their job today, 95% of us would need some kind of public assistance (or help from family) to survive past just a few paychecks.

But now you won’t have to worry about losing your job — because you can be your own boss — and potentially make tons of money — even while everyone else is frantically scouring the Help Wanted ads for work...

Now you can discover the little-known Direct Mail formula that's made literally millions of dollars for those who use it... even when the economy is a wreck! Read on for details...

What is it that successful direct marketers know that others don't? Are they smarter than the average person? Are they specially gifted in any way? Not at all. All they did was follow the tested and proven formula for success in Direct Mail.

The secret is that those same methods and systems that are proven to work every day, are also the same secrets that work when the economy is in bad shape.

Why Direct-Marketers Can Thrive During Bad Times

So, what makes direct-marketing successful when other businesses are failing?

The answer is really quite simple... However, lets back up a bit and talk about most "traditional" businesses...

What normally happens when people hear that the economy isn’t doing so good? They stop spending. People stop buying things...

So, how do you get them to keep shopping through the mail?

The answer is simple: You use the same direct-marketing secrets that work during good times...

You see, direct-marketing experts know that the only way to get people to spend money is to appeal to their emotions... People spend their money on the things that are most important to them...

If you’ll follow the same direct-marketing secrets and principles that are normally used in mail-order, you’ll find that people will still buy from you — even when the economy is bad.

So, What Are These Direct-Marketing Secrets 
That You Can Use To Make Money Even 
When The Economy Is In Bad Shape?

Finally, a new Home Study Course is available that shows you exactly what these secrets are... And, you’ll discover how to make the most money — even when the economy is not doing well...

The people who created this Home Study Course have made millions of dollars with direct mail by using the secret formulas they are ready to reveal to you.

These Direct Mail formulas are so powerful, I can't imagine a single person who could not make money with it. They’re so simple and straight to the point, a child could follow them.

And these secrets really work when the economy is not doing well... Especially when you are selling information on how to make more money!

After all, the worse shape the economy is in, the more people who are looking for a way to supplement their income...

But don’t worry... It doesn’t matter what you sell... You can potentially make a ton of money in bad times — if you will follow these simply success secrets!

You see, people all have basic wants and needs... And if you can (through your ad copy) show these people how to get what they really want — they will be more than happy to give you their hard-earned money... even when the economy is not doing well.

You Can Make A Ton Of Money In Direct-Mail —
Even If You’ve Never Been In Business Before!

Maybe you are thinking to yourself right now, "but there’s no way I could ever make it big in direct-marketing... After all, I’ve never even been in business before."

You must stop thinking like that. This course will give you all the secrets to making big money in direct-marketing...

If you’re like me, you want to get into the direct-marketing industry for these reasons:

You Like The Idea Of Making A Ton Of Money Working Part-Time!


You Never Have To Talk To Anyone Face To Face!

You Face Zero Rejection Because Everything Is Done By Mail!

You Can Set Your Own Hours!

You Can Live Anywhere You Want!

The List Could Go On And On...

In fact, I believe that direct-marketing is the BEST way to make all the money you want! It certainly beats working for someone else all your life!

So, What’s In This Home Study Course?

I knew you’d ask... This Home Study Course contains a Video and an Audio Cassette. This lets you get the most from this Course because you are able to listen in your car or at home.

You can learn while you work around the house — or while you’re driving to your regular job. And speaking of your regular job, you’ll be able to keep your job because you can work your Mail-Order business part-time — in just a few hours a week!

And you’ll love this Home Study Course. It’s easy to follow, and you’ll refer back to it every time you start planning a new direct mail project.

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