New Direct Marketing and Copywriting system reveals...


"How to Steal Customers from Your Competitors and Increase Your Sales at Higher Profit Margins than You’ve EVER Done Before"

"A totally risk-free, completely guaranteed way to make all your marketing efforts up to 527% more profitable"

Just a couple of these, simple inexpensive techniques has tripled the profits of at least two of our clients in less than 45 days."

And even though I can’t guarantee you’ll triple your sales in 45 days or less, I can promise you this: You will make at least $9,500 extra profit -- $9,500 you never would have made without this breakthrough program -- or it won’t cost you cent.

In fact, making an extra $9,500 will just be a start. If you’re like most of our clients you’ll probably make much, much more.

Dear friend,

I know you’re always searching for ways to increase your sales and profits -- without having to work any harder. (You’re probably working too much as it is).

And the quickest way for you to make more money, is to transform your present sales and marketing efforts into much more powerful cash generators for your business.

In fact, you can quickly and easily at least double the profits of every ad, sales letter or promotional campaign you run from now on.

I know this may sound a bit far fetched. But, this system works for others and I’m sure it’ll work for you just the same.

Quite frankly, when I sat down to write this letter I realized I had a serious challenge to overcome.

My challenge was, how do I describe these powerful new direct marketing strategies and techniques, without making it all sound too good to be true? Or so far fetched you may be tempted to dismiss it as a bunch of hype? Please don’t do that because...

If you do, you’ll miss out on tremendous profits. But if you’ll read on for just a few more pages, you’ll quickly see that what I have to show you is common-sense and completely down to earth. It’s also simple to learn and apply. And, most importantly ...

It’s Devastatingly PROFITABLE

Yet, the hard (and costly) facts about Direct Marketing are that it can burn a big hole in your pocket, if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, if you’ve run ads or sent letters in the past, I’m sure you already know that.

And here’s something else that’s crucial for you to know.

The reason your results may have been less than you expected, is directly related to the way it was done. But don’t blame yourself.

After all, you are an expert in your business, NOT at marketing. And that’s where the problem lies. You are so busy with the day-to-day running of your business, you simply don’t have the time to keep coming up with the ideas, ads and letters you need to build your profits.

In fact, the direct marketing techniques people are using today haven’t kept up with the times. There was a time when you could just set up your business, place any old ad in the papers or on TV or radio and open your doors. Customers would flock into your business.

This Just Does NOT Work Today

It’s not enough to have a great product and give good customer service. There are too many other businesses competing for the dollars in your customer’s pocket. Nowadays you have really got to know what you are doing when it comes to your marketing.

You need to be SO GOOD that you steal market-share from your competitors.

If you just sit there and do nothing, or market ineffectively, a smart competitor will swipe your business right from under your nose. Isn’t it true? I’ll bet you’ve seen it happen to others!!

I’ll tell you something else that’s a sure bet; if what you’re doing right now isn’t producing the kind of profits you need, it surely won’t in the future.

Your customers’ buying habits have altered so drastically, you simply can’t afford to keep throwing good money out the window on ineffective and out-dated sales strategies and marketing techniques.

What you need to do is to ...

Maximize The Effectiveness of Every Dollar You Spend On All Your Ads, Sales Letters, Promotions or Sales Staff.

And by clever use of low cost direct marketing strategies, develop excellent relationships with all your customers, suppliers and business contacts.

That’s where the "Marketing Made Easy Workshop" comes in. This scientific approach to marketing is your ticket to super-charging all your direct marketing efforts and producing huge jumps in your sales and profits. And best of all, making all this happen in record time.

The strategies in this powerful system are unbelievably simple to put into action and yet extremely effective. So effective, that you may actually find yourself with too much business. Like one of our clients.

His sales went up by 48% in three weeks and he had to scramble around to handle the volume

Of course that’s a nice problem to have because, when you have too much business, you can choose who you do business with. And deal with those customers who will be the most profitable to you, rather than waste your time chasing after people who will never buy.

One more thing: The strategies and techniques in the "Marketing Made Easy Workshop" are new and completely unique. They are not ones you can learn by picking up a book in a library, or by going along to a normal Sales or Marketing Seminar.

I know I’m making some awfully big promises here. But results speak for themselves.

Here’s what our clients say about 
this form of direct marketing:

"The advertising sales and new subscriptions have gone up to respectively 87% and 227%. This means an extra $135,000 to our bottom line."

Paul Veron Former Publisher of "Vacations" and "Asian Business Review" Magazines

"Since the last 2 weeks I hardly had a spare moment because of phone inquiries, and they started right from the day the ad went out. And there’s more... I have increased my fees by 60% and I’m still getting higher sales, compared to before."

Biswaroop Mukherjee Computer Business owner & Desktop Publishing Consultant

"Your strategies immediately increased our net return by 527% on one of our projects. This will mean a minimum of $350,000 extra in the next 12 months."

Peter Tomsett, Project M Sales and Training Consultant

"I made $3,000 in one day just by following your proven system of success!!! I am a living proof that this works"!

Jeff Barker, Owner of a Growing Signwriting Business

"From the 1537 letters I sent, I got 538 responses. The results couldn’t be better."

Stephanie Black Owner of Hobby & Craft Stamping Business (Retail and Mail-Order)

"I’ve seen a 28% increase in local business. That’s $3,100 to $3,900 a week extra as the result of direct mail. It’s the best thing for your business. We now have 2,840 clients on record to whom we send letters. My customers call and thank me."

G.J. Singh, Owner of La Mex Restaurant and Int. Food Consultant

"Enclosed is my advertorial that generated all the interest in my practice. It cost $290. It generated over 100 responses with a 60% follow-up of paying clients."

Steven McInes, Naturopath starting a brand new business

You too could be getting similar results.

The "Marketing Made Easy Workshop" gives you all the new tools and ideas you need to get ahead...and stay ahead of your competitors.

Let’s face it, developing superior marketing skills is the "success secret" of most wealthy people. After all,

90% Of Your Business Success Or Failure Is Determined By Your Ability To Sell And  Promote Your Products Or Services

If you make enough profitable sales, you can pay for the solutions to all your other business problems. Having lots of money in the bank means that you can hire more staff and take some time off yourself. Update your machinery, buy new computers... whatever. The choice is yours.

Having The Ability To Put More Money In The Bank Will Be YOUR ULTIMATE BUSINESS ADVANTAGE!!

Let’s now look at exactly what makes this system so much more profitable than anything else you’ve ever seen.

The workshop was put together by one of the top marketing and advertising geniuses in the world...Carl Galletti. Carl has been credited with creating more money-making ads, letters and direct marketing campaigns than almost anyone else on this planet. A current marketing campaign Carl created is earning his client an extra $50,000 a month (most of which is pure profit).

As a result, Carl earns an incredible $15,000 per ad or letter, plus 5% of the gross sales revenue it brings a business...if you can hire him. He’s booked up months and months ahead.

Is his advice worth it? I’ll let you be the judge.

To create this workshop, Carl got together with Michael Randazzo, the CEO of a Madison Advertising Agency specialising in Direct Response Marketing (which means the marketing is measurable and gets results). Together they created an intimate workshop for 17 people representing 12 diverse businesses.

Every type of business was represented. From retail and wholesale, to manufacturing and distribution, to professional and service businesses. The reason for this diversity was simple. You see, the most effective marketing breakthroughs are usually achieved by taking marketing strategies used by one type of business or industry and applying it to other, totally unrelated businesses or industries.

Although only 12 businesses attended, they varied from local to regional and even national in size of operations. And service, as well as product businesses were represented.

This one day workshop was audio-taped (live, unedited and with all the glitches) so that you can keep reviewing the information as many times as you like and not miss a single important point. These 12 one-hour tapes contain the end result of the 12 astute business owners consulting with two of the world’s leading Marketing advisors. 

To make it really easy for you to grasp the new marketing concepts you are going to learn, the seminar was split into 2 parts. The first part is where all the new strategies are explained in minute detail with plenty of examples from Carl and Michael’s client files.

The second part is where Carl and Michael actually apply these strategies to the businesses present at the workshop. You’ll be amazed at how universal all these ideas are. Carl and Michael are truly masters at showing you just how easy it is to create your own simple, ingenious and inexpensive techniques that..

    Flood your business with as many new customers as you can possibly handle.

    Sell more to the customers you already have.

    Increase your profit margins and the dollar value of each sale you make.

    Get tons of referrals from your existing customers.

    Turn every marketing effort you make from a one-shot sale to an on-going stream of profits for your business.

How can you be sure these techniques work like crazy? Because they are not a re-hash of strategies that worked when business was easy. No way!! What you’ll walk away with is a whole bunch of strategies that are making you money today and making it fast!!

Here’s what makes this course so different and so much more profitable than anything you’ve ever seen or heard before...

    How to get rid of all your excess and obsolete stock - without cutting your prices to the bone. (This will stop the discounters dead in their tracks).

    How to get a constant stream of new customers calling your business. (You’ll be able to plan your sales and staff levels and avoid the ups and downs of most businesses).

    Where to find a constant stream of effective marketing ideas for your business. (You’ll end up with more ideas that you could ever hope to use).

    A simple technique that increased sales by an extra $97,000 a month for one business (almost anyone can adopt this one).

    How to turn customer complaints into opportunities.

    How to develop the most valuable business asset you have (98% of businesses don’t know how to do this).

    Why you should never let a Graphic Designer or Artist create your ads. (Not unless you want to go broke, that is).

    A secret phrase that can increase your sales by up to 18%. (This one is a must for all your company literature).

    How to write headlines that will make you rich. (Headline is 80% of the success of any ad, letter or brochure you put out).

    The one mistake you must never make in your headlines (and yet, over 85% of all the ads we see make it).

    Tested phrases your Sales people should say to trigger the sale and how to develop them.

    A 6-word greeting that increases retail store sales by 16%. (This has been extensively tested by leading retailers).

    A daring marketing technique that turned a $180,000 loss into a $3 million profit.

    How to increase your average sale by 20% to 30% (and why your customers will love you for doing it).

    How to make a huge pile of extra profits by licensing your successful systems to other non-competitive businesses. (Microsoft and Sony do it all the time).

    A simple test to measure the effectiveness of your ad before you spend your money.

    How to use testimonials from your satisfied customers to absolutely wipe the floor with your competitors. (Done correctly, this works like crazy).

    How to get the name of every man, woman and child who wants to buy your products.

    Three ways to make sure your sales letters get opened, and acted upon.

    How to use a simple advertising trick to get the equivalent of a "Free" loan for your business.

    A proven way to get up to 20 times better results from all your ads (and it won’t cost you a cent to implement).

    Marketing hot-seats where the marketing efforts of every business present at the workshop are dissected, analysed and new strategies are created specifically for that style of business. (This will make it really easy when you want to apply these techniques to your business).

And lots, lots more...

As you can see, once you’ve completed listening to this workshop, you’ll command a powerful new understanding of how to really take charge of your sales and profits.

But that’s not all you’ll get. As part of the course you get two large volumes with seven valuable manuals that show you insider marketing and advertising secrets, including...

    Manual #1: "How To Be Your Own Marketing Expert" shows you 27 very profitable and easy-to-apply marketing concepts. This manual is designed to reinforce what you learned through the workshop audios. Includes a marketing ideas report with over 117 different promotional methods you could use to market your products.

    Manual #2: "How To Write Million Dollar Sales Letters". A direct response sales letter is the single most powerful marketing tool you will ever use in business. In fact dollar for dollar, nothing will return more profits than a well-targeted sales letter - no matter what you sell. This easy to follow manual teaches you step-by-step how to write your own sales and lead generating letters.

    Manual #3: "8 Copy-writing Samples". These 8 letter openings were created by Carl. You’ll see some of the world’s most powerful openings for writing your own sales letters. These are great idea starters for creating your own letters.

    Manual #4: "Robert Collier’s Million Dollar Sales Letters" by the man acknowledged to be the best writer of sales letters in the world. These are the best letters he ever wrote. Whether you need to create inquiries, sell excess stock, or get new customers flooding in...these letters will do the job. They have been tested, used and actually sold well over $22.8 million dollars worth of services and products. You have Carl’s permission to use those applicable to your business and alter them to suit your product or service. Then sit back, relax and watch the profits roll in.

Imagine having the confidence of knowing that...

Any Time, Anywhere, You Can Generate All The Business You Can Handle. No Matter What Your Competitors Or The Rest Of The Economy Are Doing.

And I am not finished yet. Look what else is included with this Direct Marketing system ...

    Manual #5: "The 100 Best Headlines and How They Could Make You Rich". Headline is the most important part of every advertisement, sales letter or news story. Over 80% of your marketing success comes from being able to come up with powerful headlines. Headlines that catch the readers’ attention and create a desire to read on. Carl not only covers how to create, layout and what type-style is most effective for headlines, you also get 24 of the most powerful words to use in your headlines and...over 107 proven headlines you can adopt for your own use and shoot your ad results off the charts.

    Manual #6: "How To Create Your Own Profit-Producing Headlines, Titles and Bullets". Once you know how to write good headlines you can use this ability to write titles for your brochures, reports and other promotional material. In this report, Carl give you over 67 more templates of proven response boosting phrases and headline idea starters.

    Manual #7: "Graphic and Desktop Publishing Secrets for Non-Artists". All you need to know about making your advertising and marketing look professional and sell its socks off at the same time. You’ll never be at the mercy of graphic artists and slick sales reps more interested in "how it looks", rather than "how much it sells".

As you can see, having these manuals is like owning the "goose that laid the golden egg". You’ll fast-track your learning curve and have a resource that contains more money-making opportunities than your competitors could come up with in a lifetime.

Once you see these powerful techniques, you’ll wonder why advertising sales reps and agencies don’t use them for their clients. The answer is simple. Advertising sales reps and agencies don’t even know they exist. Which is...

All the better for you.

I guess by now you are wondering , what’s the bottom line? How much is all this going to cost me??

Absolutely nothing unless it works

Seriously. Here’s my proposal.

Invest just $297 - which is a fraction of what it would cost you to attend this workshop in person.

For that $297 I will send you Carl’s complete workshop. Including...

    The complete audio-tape version of the 12 hour Marketing Workshop with Carl and Michael revealing all the powerful techniques for generating more sales, new customer inquiries and higher profit margins than you ever got before. 

Together with the 7 manuals containing over 27 proven marketing concepts containing...

    The step-by-step for guide for writing effective sales letters. And

    The 8 copywriting samples, the sales letters which sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. And...

    The 107 headlines you use for your ads. And...

    The 167 Profit producing titles, bullets and headlines for all your brochures, reports and marketing materials.

    And the Desktop Publishing Secrets for non-artists.

And...and...I could go on and on. 

In a Nutshell this workshop will make you one of a very few business owners who can count on making big profits no matter what else is happening around you.

And that’s not all. If you act now and order this month I’ll also include...

Additional 3 FREE (and very valuable) Bonuses.

    FREE Bonus #1 "Reason why Advertising PLUS Intensive Advertising" A fascinating two-part report by John E. Kennedy. Originally written in 1906 this remains a "must have" for all aspiring direct marketers. John was a copywriter who was paid $3 million a year (in today’s money) to write advertisements and sales letters that have since sold hundreds of millions of dollars of goods and services. The information in this book was used to train copywriters in one of the biggest (and best) advertising agencies in the world. The Intensive Advertising report was prepared for a group of publishers to help ad agencies and clients get better results from their ads. The publishers paid $25,000 for this report.

    FREE Bonus #2 "Secrets of the greatest Advertising Geniuses Who Ever Lived" In this video Carl Galletti discusses the most effective marketing strategies from his priceless collection of books and reports. You’ll learn at least 10 marketing principles you can bank on.

Now for the best part. You see I’ve wanted to make this workshop truly special. So, as well as everything I’ve described here’s the best bonus of them all - the one that’ll allow you to...

Get this whole package for nothing!! 

Here it is... 

    FREE Bonus #3 When you invest in the the "Marketing Made Easy Workshop" you will be granted the right to sell 3 copies of this same workshop to your friends and associates at a commission of 50%. Why only 3 workshops? A couple of reasons. 

Firstly, selling 3 workshops will pay you back more than you paid for the initial investment. And secondly, I am not suggesting you set up shop and start selling these workshops to make your living. Not at all. 

What I am saying, is that once you apply this information and start getting "bottom line" results in your own business, you are bound to get people asking you questions about what it is you are doing to generate such impressive increases in profits. So, why not share it with them? That way you will end up getting your own workshop for FREE. Plus make an extra $150 for your efforts.

Well, that’s my whole offer. As you can see, the value you get in this workshop is far and beyond what I am asking for it. However there is a catch though. If you want the 3 bonuses for free you need to order the "Marketing Made Easy Workshop" this month. Otherwise those bonuses will not be included.

Look, it doesn’t matter who you are or what product you sell. Carl Galletti’s workshop will help you pull in new customers, generate inquiries, convert them into profitable sales, and re-sell the customers you already have -- and do it with...

    Less Time, Money And Effort Than You Are Spending Now

Which leads me to the final point of this letter...

To put your mind totally at ease about this whole workshop, and chase out any lingering doubts you may have, I want to completely guarantee your success. Here’s my $9,500 no-risk guarantee.

    If you make a dilligent effort to apply just a few of the strategies in this course, I guarantee you’ll make at least $9,500 in extra profits.

    Yes, $9,500 you never would have gotten without this workshop. If you don’t, I’ll buy the course back from you for what you paid for it. As well, if at anytime during the next 12 months you sincerely feel the course doesn’t deliver on the promises I made, I’ll be happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked.

I can’t be any fairer than that, can I? And better still, even if you decide to return the workshop...

You can keep the 3 FREE bonuses regardless. 

The truth is, you’ll never have to worry about a refund. Because once you use any of the breakthrough marketing advice and start to see the doubling or even tripling of your profits, you’ll be crazy to let this course go.

If you want to take control of the amount of profit you make&ldots; if you want to take your business to a new level of success and secure your financial future, you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. You just couldn’t!


Collin Almeida

Collin Almeida, President
Success Strategies, Intl., Inc
Toll-free: 877-636-9631 or 541-736-9631

P.S. By ordering now, you’ll get everything I’ve described in this letter. Including the full Audio recording of the 12 hour workshop, the 7 bonus manuals, the extra 3 FREE bonuses and my 100% no-risk money-back guarantee.

Plus it’s easy to put into action. You’ll have the 15 sales letters, the 8 copywriting samples, the 107 headlines and over 167 profit producing titles, bullets and headlines for all your brochures, reports and other marketing materials.

So to place your order and start getting the results you deserve.



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