My simple, proven, step-by-step methods will show you.

How To Get All Leads And Sales You'll Ever Need 
...Without spending an arm or a leg or
hiring more staff or increasing overheads

Dear Friend,

Restaurants, hair salons, marketing consultants, dentists, doctors, chiropractors, auto repair shops, bakers, grocery stores, publishers, manufacturers, printers, salespeople, speakers, flower shops, insurance agents, financial consultants, entertainers, caterers, realtors, and just about any kind of business have used my methods to bring in more customers and develop leads without giving away the store.

Hard to believe? Here's some examples:

"This past January has been a record month for us. To us that1s an increase of around $40,000 a month. However there is one major problem with these results . . . there1s too much work. Sometimes we literally had people standing out on the footpath waiting to get through the front door."    - Frank Kaslik, Best Systems, Newcastle.

"I got an extra $11,480 per month from a Yellow Pages Ad written by Peter Sun. That's ten times the response from last year."  - Mark Neilson - The Engine Shop.

"With an ad written by Peter Sun I sold my business in 1 month, and for $20,000 more than I had been trying to sell it for during the past 2 years."    - Richard Gelle - Air Cold Transport.

"I got 16 jobs worth $44,870 in the first 4 weeks after mailing out just 897 of your letters."   - Brian Morris - The Journalist Agency

"We use your strategies in all our courses with great results. All our students want more."   - Linda Echintelle - Byron Bay Business Enterprise Center.

"We've put on three extra staff. We got 223 new customers in just three weeks. Overall the business is up by 48% on last year. We'll be repeating this promotion!!"   - Craig - Pizza Parlor, Palm Beach.

"When it comes to increasing profits, Peter Sun is pure genius. This package is full of the facts that can make people in business more profitable. If you are in business, any sort of business, drop everything and read it".   - Winston Marsh - International Business Speaker

"From 1537 letters I sent, I got 538 responses. The results couldn't be better!!"   - Stephanie Black - The Sprooce Goose.

"Your marketing system has been excellent results for my practice and for my clients. No matter what business my clients are in, there is something in the manual I can use to help them increase their profits. My clients love it. Every business who is serious about increasing sales and profits should have one."   - Andrew Maggs - CPA and business advisor.

Your business can't survive without customers.

It doesn1t matter how great your product is, how wonderful your service is - if you don't have customers...all you have is a skill, or a product...and no cash flow.

You see most businesses are good at what they do...but they1re not good at getting customers. And a business without customers won1t put a single dime in your pocket...even if you've got 12 years of college, specialized training, and a hundred different diplomas and certificates on your wall.

You're about to discover a proven, sure-fire way to increase sales and profits of your business by getting all the hot leads and customers you can handle.

I know. I've used these systems to build my business and hundreds of my clients businesses.

Even if your customer generation programs are currently doing okay, now you can double, triple, or even quadruple the results you1re getting with my proven system. And it's easy once you know the ...

17 Easy Ways To Get Leads and Customers

That's what this letter is all about...showing you where to turn to find simple, yet effective systems to get customers in the door.

And that's where I come in...My name is Peter Sun.

I create systems for businesses to increase sales without giving away the store. Recently, a very large accounting firm paid me over $50,000 to create a system to get customers in the door and increase their profits. Now, don't worry, I'm not asking you to pay me a big fee or hire me to help your business. Instead, I want you to own my expertise. You need it to build any kind of business. That1s why...

I recently released a new program that makes bringing in new customers and leads as simple as 1,2,3...even if you've never used a system to bring in sales before.

And you can get this proven system for a fraction of what you would have to pay me or any marketing consultant to develop these programs for you.

I'll be very frank with you. The lead generation techniques that are being taught and used today just don't work. If they did, you'd be rich, not frustrated!

The problem is marketing books and the so-called "experts" continue to rehash the same twenty year old techniques. But here's something you can bank on - if those techniques aren't working for you now, there's no miracle that's going to make them work any better in the future. Stick with them, and you put your business at serious risk.

What's so different about the 17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads And Get New Customers Program is that I've spent five years and tens of thousands of dollars to develop, test, and finely hone it into a winning system that will bring you more new business than you can handle - no matter what your competitors or the economy are doing.

As I mentioned earlier, the flow of new business can be immense when you use these powerful sales generating formats. Many times they've produced such massive response, our clients actually had to cut back their advertising in order to keep up with the flow of inquiries and new business. I have generated hundreds of calls from just a few of the tiny classified ads you1ll see.

The best news is that the strategies in this program are incredibly simple and inexpensive to put into action. You could easily have them up and running, bringing in new customers within a week. And your marketing costs are just a fraction of what you'd pay to run ordinary lead generation programs that get mediocre results.

Here's How To Start Boosting Your Profits Right Away

I specifically designed this program to make sure you increase your sales and profits in the shortest time possible. These 17 powerful formats can be put into action immediately.

All you need to do is spend about 34 minutes watching the video and reading the manual that shows you how to put the system into action at once. Then, select the marketing format and strategy that best suits your business and kick it into high gear.

The 17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads And Get New Customers Program works for any type of business. If you run a sales organization, or if you sell by mail, it will work like crazy. If you have a service business, it will grow your client list by leaps and bounds in record time. Do you own a retail store? Then get ready for an amazing surprise, because this program will increase store traffic like nothing you've ever seen. Are you a wholesaler, manufacturer or a professional? Well prepare yourself for a ride you'll never forget. The fact is, this program is so powerful and so flexible, I can't think of a single business that couldn't get immense benefit from it immediately.

The manual for this program is designed to get you up and bringing in more sales in record time. After quickly but thoroughly showing you why each of these lead generation formats works so well, I get right down to clear, step-by-step instructions on precisely how to use them in your business. Then I give you several examples of each strategy you can copy for your business.

Here are the powerful advantages you'll gain by using this program:

  • You'll see how to create a dirt cheap mailing to get past the secretary or receptionist and straight into the prospect's hands. (This one is so sneaky and so effective it's almost unfair on your competitors.) I have sent thousands of these with great success.

  • You'll learn an amazing technique guaranteed to get you an appointment with the CEO of even the biggest companies. In two out of three cases, they'll be ringing you wanting to speak to you about what you1ve got to offer. (I have a 75% success rate with this strategy.) I have used it to get in the door with Woolworth Supermarket's top man and Audi Motor Cars MD among others. And a friend of mine used it to have Zig Ziglar1s top brass almost begging him to see them. 

  • You'll discover a low-cost way to get your phone lines flooded with people wanting to buy your products. (These low-cost lead generators work great for almost any product or service.)

  • You'll get 11 proven (attention grabbers) together with the actual wording to use in your sales and lead generating letters. You'll be able to use these to become one of the few people who can always get their letters read and remembered. (This is great for your phone follow-up campaigns.)

  • You'll find a three-step mailing sequence that resulted in $124,000 worth of business from just 120 cold prospects - at a cost of just $1,680. (At over 42%, the appointment rate for this promotion is almost beyond belief.)

  • Plus, you'll discover an amazing way to duplicate yourself and your profits - without adding extra sales people or overheads.

And even though the above examples are enough to give you more business than you can handle, that's not all you'll be receiving. Here1s what else you1ll get as part of this program . . .

  • A special folder you can use for monitoring the results you get from applying the lead generating strategies you'll learn - together with actual samples of several promotions as they were sent out. You'll see the ad layout, the paper used, the way we addressed the envelopes and what envelopes we used. You'll see everything - even how we folded some of the letters. This way you1ll be able to see and feel each lead generating format, so that you'll make no mistakes when adapting it for your own business. (As far as I know, no marketing strategy package has never been presented in such an explicit way.)

  • More high-quality leads than you ever dreamed of by using my 17 powerful formats. Not only do you get to see the actual samples of each of the advertising pieces I actually used to generate tons of leads and new business - even all of the copy is there word for word. But that's just the start. Each format is also laid out and explained in full detail. In addition, I take each strategy and give you a guide for adapting it for your type of business or product. Everything is fully laid out, so you understand precisely why it works and why it's critical that you create your own pieces in the exact order I give you.

  • Foolproof directions for customizing all the formats to gain maximum advantage for your own business. The examples I use in the manual to illustrate the techniques are the actual pieces I've used in my own business. To make sure they'll work for your business, I've created detailed instructions that take all the guess work out of customizing them.

    You'll get to see which formats are the best for business-to-business sales appointments and lead generation, professionals, retail businesses, manufacturers, wholesalers, tradespeople and service businesses, plus detailed instructions on how to customize them for each type of business. Nothing is left to chance. Using the manual and the video, you'll be able to adapt each format to the specialized needs of your own business in less than an hour.

  • You'll start pulling in more sales and profits super fast. The 94-page manual for profiting from these formats is lean, tight, and right to the point. Quite frankly, it doesn't take all that much space to lay the formats out in comprehensive detail. Most of the space is taken up by the actual examples of each strategy for you to copy.

I don't waste your time with a bunch of fluff or filler. Don't expect a thick book of reading to wade through. What you do get are lead generation formats and precise instructions for using them to make the most money for your business.

  • You'll discover how to get prospects to actually pay you to have their name added to your house list. This technique eliminates all your costs and turns lead generation from a losing proposition to a lucrative profit center. Proven in the trenches, you'll love what it does for your bottom line!

And even that's not all I've put together here. In addition to all the above you'll be getting two very special bonuses.

Bonus #1. To top off this package, as a special bonus I've managed to pull in a few favors among my marketing master-mind group. You'll hear me interview four of the world's top marketers. You'll hear in explicit detail what strategies they have found most effective to pull in new business and generate leads in some of the toughest markets and sluggish economies in the world.

That's almost two hours worth of advice at $1,000 per hour. You'll find at least 14 totally unique and devastatingly effective strategies for all types of businesses. They cover retailers, professionals, marketing consultants and even manufacturers and service industries. Just these tapes alone are worth many times your investment in this program. They are recorded live and pull no punches.

Bonus #2. Secrets Of Writing Headlines That'll Make You Rich. Ninety percent of the success or failure of any offer, whether in an ad, sales letter, postcard or other type of promotion, is the headline. Unless your headline sells your product, you1ve wasted 90% of your money. In this report, you'll learn how to write the best headlines for your type of product - headlines that sell like crazy. Plus, you'll be able to select from over 361 best headlines ever written the next time you need to create any type of sales promotion. These headlines were taken from some of the most successful ads, letters and marketing campaigns in the world. These headlines sold millions of dollars worth of products and services and make it really easy for you get results.

So, Here's The Bottom Line!

The 17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads And Get New Customers Program gives you everything you need to hit the ground running and bring in truck loads of new business immediately.

Think about this for a minute. What would it be like to have the confidence of knowing your lead generation program is as effective as possible? That you never have to worry again about having enough business? That, at will, you can run circles around your competition and they'll never know what hit them!

How would you feel knowing you're one of a select few who can count on increasing your profits year after year rather than blowing a major hole in your bank account? How would you feel having to scramble to hire more employees to keep up with all the new business while everyone else seems to be laying off their best people? I know you'd feel just great!

This is precisely what you'll gain from this powerful program. In a sense, the 17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads And Get New Customers Program will change your life and the way you generate new business - forever.

Here's How To Get Started

You can start bringing in all the qualified leads you can handle . . . for just $197.

This investment includes everything I just told you about. Including . . .

Over 17 ways to generate leads and get new customers, including many samples of each format as I used them.

The comprehensive manual with step-by-step instructions on how to adapt each strategy to your business.

The three ring binder with samples of some of the best strategies you can use, plus instructions on how to double your results within months just by monitoring the results of all your lead and new customer generation programs.

The video explaining how to apply each strategy, plus the audio cassettes of the interviews where the marketing experts reveal their 14 different ways to get new customers.

The 11 proven attention grabbers and letter openings, plus a couple of extra bonus strategies, giving you 11 phone and fax Door Openers. Use them to get very busy decision makers to return your calls. Plus, you'll get the Secrets Of Converting More Phone and Walk-In Inquirers To Cash-Paying Customers. You1ll eliminate the price shoppers and the price objections.

Here's why this program gives you the best bargains you'll ever find. If you were to hire me to create any of these powerful lead generation formats for your business, it would cost you a minimum of $6,500 plus a share of the extra sales. Together, these formats represent at least $18,700 worth of value.

In addition, you don't have to do any costly testing to prove these formats work. I've done all the work for you by investing tens of thousands of dollars to test, fine tune, re-test, and perfect these formats. You're getting the exact formats and word-for-word copy I've used to double the profits of my own business and exponentially grow the profits of at least three of my clients. All you have to do is test the formats on a small scale to find out the best one for your business and then sit back and watch the profits roll in.

Finally, there's one last thing to consider. Getting over $18,700 worth of value is great, but the crucial factor is what it will do for your business.

What's it worth to you to be able to generate all the new business you can handle at will? I can't put a dollar figure on that. Only you can. But I can tell you this, that kind of powerful advantage is truly invaluable.

Now...To top it all off . . .

Here's my super-fair, super generous, I know I can trust your honesty 100% money-back guarantee

Because I know how good this course is, I want to make this absolutely no-risk for you. Better still, I am offering a guarantee like I1ve never done before. Take advantage of this offer to get more highly qualified leads than you can handle today, and I'll let you have a look at the 17 Easy Ways to Get Leads and New Customers Program for a full 90 days. If you don't agree it's the best new lead generating program you've ever seen, simply pick up the phone and let me know.

I'll refund your money and let you keep the Secrets of Writing Headlines manual regardless.

On the other hand if you are serious about getting leads and sales, these ingenious, proven in the trenches formats will let you achieve this in record time. And I'll do everything in my power to help you.

If you need any help implementing any of the strategies in this program, simply pick up the phone and call me personally. I'll be glad to help in return for a testimonial on the results you get from this program.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future Starting Today!

The phones in my order department will be ringing off the hook. And once the initial print run of this powerful program with all the extra items is sold out, you may have to settle for just the basic program.

So if you're really serious about maximizing the profits of your business, you can't wait. You need to take immediate action.

It's easy to do. Right now, while it's fresh in your mind, pick up the phone, call 888-550-8855. Or use our secure order form to make your purchase. You'll produce a printable invoice you can fax or mail.  If you want to secure your financial future . . . if you want to stop gambling on how well your business will do . . . if you want to take control of how much more profitable and pleasurable your business can be, you couldn't ask for a better opportunity.  

Don't wait. Order your copy of the 17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads And Get New Customers Program right now. That way you can get on a fast track to boosting your sales and profits as quickly as possible!


Peter Sun

P.S. By acting right now, you get a great price, all the materials you need to flood your business with new customers, and my special bonuses. But only if you order within the next seven days. Remember, you'd pay a copywriter thousands to create these formats for you. Not to mention what it would cost you to test and fine tune them. But I've done all that for you. These powerful formats have been proven over and over again the only place where it really counts - in the marketplace!

Plus, the 17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads And Get New Customers Program is easy to put into action. Just read the manual, pick the format that best suits your business, and get it going. Once you see the extra sales start rolling in, there's no turning back! Your only regret will be that you didn't discover this highly profitable program ten years ago! So fill out the secure order form right now or call 1-888-550-8855 and place your order right now.

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