Australian marketing genius reveals secrets to business owners

"How To Make Maximum Profits
In Minimum Time"

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If you own a small to medium size business (or are about to start one), here's everything you need to win new customers and keep them coming back.

Now you can generate additional sales and profits for your business more quickly and easily than ever before. This amazing new marketing manual and video program from Australia will show you how.

Cash In On Proven Success

Expert Peter Sun goes beyond mere Marketing theory to give you literally over hundreds of ready-to-use ads, letters and promotions. These profit packed winners were all tested and proven to dramatically increase business even during Australia's recent brutal recession.

"16 Jobs Worth $44,870 In The First 4 Weeks After Mailing The Letter".

-- Brian Morris, The Journalist Agency

You'll have over 75 pages of successful business boosting marketing ideas at your fingertips. When you need a new campaign just pick an ad, sales letter or strategy you like, change a few details to suit your business and you're done. The gems you'll find are all top performers.

"This Australian Marketing Manual Is Guaranteed To Make You Money"".

- Paul Veron, Asian Business Review

With this powerful new marketing tool you will discover:

  • How to turn $200 into $16,000 and make all your advertising up to 500% more effective.

  • How to steal customers from your competitors using low cost direct mail strategies..

  • Amazing secrets of powerful offers that instantly attract a flood of new customers.

  • How to turn price shoppers into profitable sales - even if your prices are higher than your competitors.

  • The seven deadly marketing mistakes - and how to avoid them.

  • How to use cheap classified ads and two-step marketing to make up to $10,000 a week (or more) in extra sales.

  • How to get $15,000 worth of FREE advertising each year

  • How to make an extra $100,000 a year publishing your own newsletter.

  • How to cash in on the biggest technology revolution of all times.

  • How to make an extra $100,000 by what you say about your customers.

  • 15 easy ways to keep your customers coming back - - and spending their money with you - - forever.

  • Plus lots more.

"223 New Customers And $6,474 In Extra Sales In 3 Weeks. Business Is Up 48%".

- Craig Andron, Merlins Pizza

The previous examples are just a fraction of the priceless money making information revealed by Peter Sun in this new marketing package. And the best part of all is that you can easily modify these proven ads, letters, strategies and promotions and use them to expand your business.

You'll also find:

  • Examples of highly profitable print ads, from a classified to a full page.

  • Unique sales letters proven to get new customers.

  • "Thank you" letters used to increase referrals and get existing customers to buy more. (Put some of these on your letter head and you'll be amazed at the business they 
    bring you).

  • Customer survey forms and telephone scripts for maximising sale from new and existing customers. (Use these for an immediate increase in sales).

  • Marketing principles you must know to make your profits soar.

This package, written and produced by leading Australian marketing expert Peter Sun, contains some of the most powerful ways to generate large amounts of highly profitable cash flow known to exist today. Much of this material has previously been included Peter Suns monthly marketing newsletters and is a compilation of very best money making strategies and techniques he has discovered.

It is not a book of theory. Everything you will read about has been tested and used by successful business owners and entrepreneurs across Australia and around the world. And more importantly, Peter Sun practices what he preaches. Peter uses many of these techniques himself in his own business to generate an income of up to $104,000 per month - - working just 4 days a week from home.

By applying the methods revealed in this package, no matter what product or service you sell, no matter how large or small your business is, this material will help you to...

Sell more of whatever you are selling faster and at a higher profit than anything you have ever tried before

There is however one catch: You must apply what you learn and use it consistently and diligently. This is not a ticket to instant wealth and while this package gives you the tools and information to help you market your products or services better than what the way you are right now, success in your business is largely dependant on your own efforts and application of the sound business principles revealed - - and running your business in a professional manner. Others Have Paid Thousands

You too would need to spend many thousands of dollars to have an expert create these ads, letters and promotions specifically for your business. In fact, some of the winners revealed in this manual cost over $3,000 each. And, subscribers to Peter Suns newsletters have been paying hundreds per year for the past five years to get this information - - without the video!

So what will this powerful best of collection of marketing strategies and techniques cost you?

Well, the fact of the matter is that because all of these money-makers have already been paid for by the original clients, and already published in Peter Suns marketing newsletter you get all the valuable information contained in the marketing manual and on the video, for just $97. 

When you consider that by applying just one of the many proven techniques revealed in this package to your business you could easily make ten times ,or even a hundred times, your entire investment back in profit within a matter of weeks, the cost of this package really shouldn't be an issue - - it1s peanuts for the business tools you1ll be getting.

Very Valuable Special Bonus

However, just to ensure there are no lingering doubts in your mind about the exceptional value of this package we are going to include a very special bonus. You will also receive a video by Peter Sun called How to Promote and Market Your Product or Service. This video is full of profit packed strategies, including the authors personal tips on how to best apply the techniques revealed in the marketing manual to your business. This video usually sells separately for $69.00 but, by ordering now, we will include it as part of the package absolutely free.

Your Risk-Free 90 Day Guarantee

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our 90 day guarantee. As soon as you get the package just use the simple concepts from at least one ad, letter, strategy or promotion to attract more business. If you don't make back many times the cost of this material you may return the manual, and video in good condition within 90 days for a full refund.

"An extra $11,480 in one month... that's ten times the response from last year".

- Mark Neilson, The Engine Shop

There is no better shortcut to success than to copy what has worked for someone else. Order this package today and start profiting from these proven strategies and techniques.

Just call our order line at 1-800-213-7581 with details of your AMEX, Visa or Mastercard and Peter Sun's new marketing package "How To Make Maximum Profits In The Minimum Time" will be shipped to you without delay. Or use our secure order form to purchase online, or produce an invoice to fax or mail.

I will look forward to hearing about your successes... real soon!

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Collin Almeida

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