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  • This "turn-key" package gives you proven products, a proven step-by-step plan marketing plan, providing everything you need to cash-in BIG with your own e-publishing business (while working part-time!).

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Next Monday morning, instead of fighting the rush-hour traffic to work, you  are catching a flight to sunny Tahiti (this is your first stop on an itinerary that takes you and your family to some of the most exotic and little known islands in the South Pacific. While on board you check your  email and see that you have  ten orders from an ad in  your ezine. You've just earned $650 without lifting a finger. Your auto-pilot marketing system takes the orders, delivers the product digitally and credits your bank account. You then place a couple of ads with some of the widely read and respected ezines, shut off your lap top and enjoy the flight. And when your ad runs, it's seen by over 300,000 readers of these ezines. Within days, many of those readers begin placing orders for the product you are offering!

Credit card orders fill your email box day-in, day-out-whether you're on the beach, or in the shower... it doesn't matter, because your business is crankin' in the money no matter where you are, or what you're doing!

And here's the awesome part: By the end of the month, if you've received just  five orders a day, you've earned yourself  a cool $9.750.00! All you have  really done is place a few ads, post to a few discussion boards and shamelessly promote your products through cleverly disguised "articles" that you send out to different ezine publishers.

Now if all this sounds good to you, you must read on; because your life is about to change completely for the better!

It's important to understand that the business I've just described is not a fantasy. And it's not magic or some exotic get-rich scheme. What it is, is the normal operating procedure of a successful e-publishing business using the same techniques that have been proven to work, time and time again..

No doubt, you've already heard about this kind of business and you've probably read stories about people who have made fortunes in it. And it's true, fortunes have been made and are still being made  as I write. But for most people, it's not the enormous income potential that attracts them to this business... it's the lifestyle. Let me explain:

You see, in most businesses, success means having to become a "slave" to the business. This is especially true in the retail and service businesses where your customers control your life and set your schedule.

And you know, quite honestly, for a lot of people becoming a slave to their business is really not a problem. They don't seem to mind having to baby-sit the store everyday.

They don't mind being tied to a cash register, or having to continually deal with employees, inventories, overhead, wholesalers, distributors, and all the rest just to make a measly 15% profit.

But for a select few,life is too short to become a slave to any business. Especially when there are less complicated, less risky, and far more profitable ways to earn a great income without being tied down.

And, that's what the e-publishing business is all about -- earning a good income while enjoying a great lifestyle! In this business, you are the master. You call the shots. And you have the freedom to enjoy your success.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people feel like the e-publishing business is the "ultimate" business. Maybe it's because of all these great benefits:

  • This business has low start-up costs... anyone can get started in it!
  • This business offers high profits and low risks which means more money in your pocket!
  • There is no direct selling involved -- that means no rejection for you because all selling is done through ads or sales letters!
  • You don't need to hassle with employees... you can do it all yourself!
  • There is no inventory to buy or to worry about.
  • You don't need a store front or office... which would cost you thousands of dollars a month just to keep up and running! You can operate this business from anywhere in the world -- as long as you have internet access, a phone and a mailbox, you're in business!!!
The product can be  instantly delivered electronically,
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And best of all, success in your own e-publishing business means you can spend your time however you want! Spend it with your loved ones, traveling the world, enjoying your hobbies, or just living the good life. The choice is totally up to you!

Nevertheless, tens of thousands of people goof in their attempt to cash in on the humongous profit potential of this multi-billion dollar e-publishing industry. Why? Because to make a ton of money in the e-publishing business you need to know the secret  of success. And this secret is. . .

You Must Be The Prime-Source!

Forget about buying products, books and information at a discount, or touting this overworked affiliate program and that -you must become the Prime-Source of the products you are selling! You must OWN the product.

And that's the problem. In most cases, owning the rights to reproduce a product means you must first develop it. And developing products can be a very time-intensive process. Unfortunately, most would-be entrepreneurs simply don't have the time to develop their own products (and as a result, they miss out on the huge advantage of selling products they own).

Even people who do have time to develop a product quickly discover that it usually takes more than one or two products to be successful. Customers love being able to buy packages, combinations of products and premiums, or FREE gifts. And if that's what they want to buy, then that's what you have to offer them . . . more than one product at a time!

In our own business, (and we operate several very successful websites) you may have noticed that we almost never offer a single product. Instead, we create great packages filled with books, CD-ROMs, and other irresistible premiums. We know that by doing so, we greatly increase the "perceived value" of the product, and end up with many more sales.So, the big question is:

"Where do I get such hot products?"
"Where do I find the market?"
"How do I reach them?"

The answer:

       "The e-Publish For Profit Business-In-A-Box"

The e-Publish For Profit Business-In-A-Box gives you everything you need to start making BIG money in your own successful e-publishing business, in just a few hours!

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Then, after your ads appear, you begin processing the orders as they come in. We'll even show you how to automate your  online order-taking system so that you don't have to manually process your credit card orders-its done instantly-without you lifting a finger.

Or, using the information we supply, you can set up a low-cost telephone order taking service to take the orders for you. And, if you're not set-up with a credit card merchant account, no problem -- they will process all credit card payments on their merchant account for you!

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Have you noticed  a  strategy that most of the most successful marketers are using to sell their products online ? Take for example Marlon Sander's Amazing Formula, Ken Silver's E Book Secrets, or Ken Evoy's Make Your Site Sell They create a  website totally focused on selling ONE product-no links to any other sites-not even links to other products on their own sites.

Now you can create several sites each selling a proven money-maker on full auto-pilot. Imagine having orders pouring in from several websites that cost you next to nothing to operate (less than $10 per month)-all running without you having to do a thing-of course you'll need  an hour or two to promote your websites (and we'll show you some powerful strategies that the pros have kept secrets-until now)

So How Huge is the Demand for E books Anyway?

A blurb in the March 23 rd  issue of USA Today says that ebook sales will hit $2.8 billion this year... which is about 10% of all book sales. This info came from the American Book Dealers Association.

The fact that three  major publishers are racing to capture their share of the digital publishing  marketplace is a clear indication of how lucrative e-publishing is going to be. Time Warner said it was creating an online-publishing venture called iPublish.com and iWrite.com. Simon and Schuster and Random House also announced they had teamed up with Microsoft to publish books for hand-held devices and computers using new Microsoft reader software.

Or Consider This From the AP...

NEW YORK (AP) – The demand for Stephen King's new, Internet-only short story was so overwhelming yesterday that downloading it became nearly impossible. After repeated attempts yesterday and today, an Associated Press reporter finally was able to download the 66-page work entitled "Riding the Bullet," from Amazon.com

500,000 Downloads In 48 Hours

As you've probably heard Simon and Shuster's claimed an astounding 500,000 downloads  pulling in $1,250,000 in the first 48 hrs. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize the awesome possibilities and money making potential that has finally opened up to all authors and self publishers in the digital age.

And here's another marketing secret that you can use to make even more money: The internet offers you the opportunity to sell a discounted  ebook on the web with an  upsell of the  printed version built right into it. Does it work? It has worked very well for Dr. Ken Evoy who was literally "forced" to publish a printed version of Make Your Site Sell due to the overwhelming demand. Not a bad backend at $30  a pop (for the $17 ebook version) without any extra marketing costs. This simple strategy alone can add several thousand dollars in extra income at no extra cost to you..

Now, let me shift gears here and tell you about everything you get in the e-Publish For Profits Business In-A-Box package... First, let me say that all of the products in the Business In-A-Box are proven sellers, designed to appeal to people who are eager to start or grow their business.

In this turn-key package, you get everything you need to get your business off-the-ground and raking-in the cash as quickly as possible.

Here's everything you get reprint and duplication rights to when you own the e- Publish For Profits  Business-In-A-Box (Reprint rights to the individual titles are priced as marked):

1.  Great Headlines Instantly ($900 if purchased separately)

Most savvy entrepreneurs know that the number one cause of poor marketing results is ineffective sales copy. They are desperately looking for the magic pill that would instantly put an end to their  weak, unresponsive ads and marketing materials. They are prepared to pay any price to  learn the hugely profitable skill of headline writing After extensive research we picked Great Headlines Instantly as the best cost-effective course that would help anyone achieve record-breaking response rates and explosive sales growth. This package is the most complete headline-generation tool you’ll find anywhere! But don't take our word for it. See what some of the most respected experts have to say about  the profit-producing power of this "just-released" course. (Suggested selling price $67)

"... Don't think I've ever seen a more in-depth analysis of headlines before in my life. I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing this with me."

Joe Vitale
Houston, TX
Well-known copywriter and author of several marketing books and tapes including "The AMA Complete Guide To Small Business Advertising"

"Your headline-writing program is awesome! It has instantly become one of the most cherished marketing tools in my arsenal - and I wouldn't sell it for any price. You've done an amazing job of revealing the insider secrets to creating powerhouse headlines - in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step system. One thing is for sure: I'll make my money back 100 times over (and more) using your program. Thanks again - and keep up the great work."

Jeff Gardner
Carlsbad, NM
Success Achievement Publishing

"...I was very impressed. You certainly give the reader more than enough 
information on the art of headline writing. Yours is the best book I've ever read on the subject and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about writing good headlines.

All the information you provide makes it a lot easier to get good headline ideas. You give so many good examples to get ideas from that it makes it fun to come up with a good headline instead of banging your head up against a wall trying to come up with something.

You certainly put together a good product. Thank you for all the solid information you provided on writing headlines. I know it will be a lot easier writing headlines from now on."

Tom Scott
St. Petersburg, FL
President of Scott Direct Inc. and Author of 
"The Magic Power Of The Press Release"

"Got your book-- terrific! Really good stuff and I feel privileged to be in there!"

Wanda Loskot
Sarasota, FL
Business Coach and  Marketing Expert

"I have to tell you that this is one of best tools I have ever seen on how to write great headlines! I've already found hundreds of great ideas to generate money grabbing sales letters and Internet sites!

I'm also going to tell everyone of my boot-camp students, direct marketing associates and newsletter subscribers that they HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK!

Good job on a great product!"

Dave Bancroft
Clearwater, FL

Prime Directive Management Ltd.

"Wow Robert, you certainly have packed a lot of information in there... I think the text is excellent. Almost every eventuality in headlines has been covered --that's quite a feat."

Ken Silver
Wellington, New Zealand
Author of "How To Make $100,000 A Year Part-Time Creating How To Manuals From Home" and "EBook Secrets-- How To Create And Sell Your Own Profitable EBook"

... And here's one from the tremendously-successful author, marketing wiz, and Internet expert -- Monique Harris:

"...It's one of the best investments you  could ever make if you want to generate immediate attention  for any and all of your promotional pieces.

Monique Harris
Silver Springs, MD 
Author of "How To Successfully Sell Information Products Online", "The Online Infosellers Jump Start Kit" and "The 4-Month HEAVY HITTER Profit Plan"  and the best selling MYKS -"Make Your Knowledge Sell"

2.  Secrets To Creating Killer Ads That Sell ($497 value)

There are a lot of myths and rumors about what works online and what doesn't. How is online copy similar to offline? How is it different? And what components make your Internet copy the most profitable? People want instant answers to these questions. Now you can give it to them. You'll find out what's a waste of time and energy, what to avoid at all costs, and what you must have to maximize your online sales.

Let me put it this way. Regardless of whether you're  customers are  complete beginners who have never written a single word of copy or a seasoned pros who write copy for a living, this intensive training will turn them into  masters of maximum sales, maximum profit Internet copy.  (Suggested selling price $29)

3.  Classified Magic...How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG!  ($497 value)
A crash course on how to craft super-responsive classified ads that sell like crazy! You'll discover step-by-step, how you can turbo-charge your tiny ad into a perpetual, cash-flowing marketing machine. I use the word "machine" because once you master these secrets, you can almost put your plans on auto-pilot ...and the results still keep pouring in ...non-stop!  (Suggested selling price $29)

4.  301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques and Secrets  ($597 value)

This highly acclaimed  book by marketing master Bill Myers is a "Creative Goldmine" for anyone preparing a direct mail project or offer. The tips, techniques, and secrets you (and your customers) will learn can help make your next project a real winner!

Whether you are a seasoned direct mail marketer or new to the business, this book is for you. It is power packed with tested and proven direct mail strategies that no direct response marketer can afford to be without.  Learn what it takes to succeed in direct response marketing.

This latest version of this highly rated book is 190 pages long, is professionally printed and bound with a color cover, and is an ideal product for the income opportunity or business market. Includes a killer 4 page sales piece that will pull orders like crazy. (Suggested selling price $29)

Here's what Brian Keith Voiles one of the world's top copywriters (he has written sales copy for marketing gurus like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Robert Allen, Ted Nicholas and others.) has to say about this best seller:

“I devoured this book’ As I read I made notes, marked it up, and learned more profit- boosting mail order information than I had learned from 14 different newsletters on the subject over the past year... and I paid over $1,500 to subscribe to them!... this book is a STEAL!” 

Brian Keith Voiles, President
Brian Keith Publishing, Inc

5.  Writer's Friend Software ($297 value)

Writer's Friend is an  extremely EASY-TO-USE software-based collection of over 311 Headlines, 1871 Clichés, Phrases and Sayings, 2447 Quotes by famous people and unknown authors and a place to store all your random thoughts and "text bits."

This software tool can help you create copy for your ads, letters and web sites that's more powerful and gets you more sales. And you'll do it quicker and easier than ever before. It runs on any IBM compatible computer running Win95 or greater. (Suggested selling price $49)

6.  The Direct Mail Toolbox Software ($297 value)

A 3.5" IBM formatted disk chock-full of computer software that most mail order businesses desperately need. It includes a "Project Profitability Analysis" and special spread sheets for direct mail profit scenarios, advertisements, pricing strategies, income tracking and more. (Suggested selling price: $49.00)

7.   Promotion Analyser Software ($297 value)
This easy-to-use software tool enables you (and your customers) to figure out which promotions are the TRUE WINNERS. Once you know which promotions are the true winners, and you run with those, your business skyrockets. This software is a must have for every small business owner. It runs on any IBM compatible computer running Win95 or greater. (Suggested selling price $49)

8.   The Unfair Advantage Letter Book ($495 value)

This 200+ page book is a compilation of tested and proven sales letters, press releases, display and classified ads, even complete projects, all developed by Bill Myers. You'll find the complete marketing materials Bill Myers developed and used for newsletters, video tapes, CD ROMs, software, and other products he has sold. With a retail price of $97 this book is a must for every  small business owner. Complete with ads and sales flyer copy.

9.   New Business Power Marketing Program ($1,497 value)

Full reprint rights to Bob Serling's New Business Power Marketing Program.  It  is a foolproof way to bring in more and more new business.  The New Business Power Marketing Program gives you everything you need to hit the ground running and bring in truck loads of new business immediately.  

The New Business Power Marketing Program works for any type of business. If you sell by mail, it will work like crazy. If you have a service business, it will grow your client list by leaps and bounds in record time. Do you own a retail store? Then get ready for an amazing surprise, because this program will increase store traffic like nothing you've ever seen.

The New Business Power Marketing Program has two powerful lead generation mailing formats that produce explosive results. You get both formats, actual copies of each format, the comprehensive manual, plus the Bonus Report, "Secrets Of Converting More Prospects To Cash-Paying Customers." This power packed manual retails for $297.

10.   Create Your First Business Web Site in 10 days ($595 value)

This newly released manual has just been added to this great package.  Demand for this manual is going to be huge.  Everyone getting online, and there are thousands more every day, will be a potential customer for this brand new manual.  Be one of the first people to offer this great product.  

If that isn't a great lineup of products, I don't know what is.  But that's not all.  Wait until you see all the great bonuses I've kicked in to really make this package irresistible.

Look, customers have gone bananas over these products! 

Tens of thousands of customers have have shown their vote of confidence in these products. The glowing testimonials from names that you recognize is proof  of the quality of these products. Heck, the sales figures even tell you that these are best sellers. 

These products are guaranteed to sell like lemonade at the ballpark on a 95 degree day! This is  "success waiting to happen" for you,if you know what I mean.

So what do you think? A pretty good package, right? But for this to be of any value to you, it has to be affordable. So with that in mind, we are requesting you to offer what you think is a fair and reasonable price for this unique, once in a lifetime offer. This IS the  largest collection of proven sellers ever put together in one irresistible and gigantic package. We've done our best to put together products you can use right away, in a package that will retain its value over the long haul.

Whether you are just getting started, or already operate a small or home-based business, the   "E-Publish For Profits Business-In-a-Box"  gives you everything   you need to tap into the “high-profit” e-publishing industry!

And remember, you have complete control over what you do with these products! You can sell them as a package, or as individual components, or however else you want ! They’re your products and you own the reprint rights to them -- permanently!

Here are some of the other "gems" that you get:

  • You get samples of all the products you'll be offering your customers! (a $397.00 retail value!)

  • You get ready-to-use direct mail letters, and in some cases postcards etc for your offline campaign so you can begin making money immediately! (We’ll even send you these  killer sales letters  on diskette-all you do is customize them for your online or offline promotions)

  • You get a ebook Marketing Resource Directory providing you all the inside sources you need to know in order to help your business grow and become more profitable!

  • You get the reprint rights to  all the killer sales letter that sells the products.

  • You get a "Certificate Of Reprint And Duplication Rights" certifying that you own the rights to the products and ads.

  • You get professional master copies of the audio cassettes.

  • You get sources of tape duplicators, printers, and companies willing to process orders (and credit cards) for you!

  • You get unlimited telephone support from me for one full year! If you have any questions about marketing, lead-generation, mailing lists, or whatever, just call me -- anytime!

And there's more!!!

With the E Publish For Profits Business-In-A-Box in-hand, you'll be able to kick-start your finances, and take control of your lifestyle -- begin living the dreams that you've been dreaming!!

Let's Take A Look At The Profit Potential:

OK. So you know about the products. You've seen the powerful testimonials from the rich and famous (: and you've seen how you can run this project on full auto-pilot. But what about the profit potential? How much money can you make?

Well, let's see . . . Let's just take the example of  the "Great Headlines Instantly" copywriting course.

The course  sells well at the author's site for $67. If you get just one order each day, you'll earn $1950 a month. If you get two orders each day, you'll earn $3,900 a month. And should you get just four orders a day, you'll earn a whopping $7,800 a month!!!  That translates to $93,600 in just twelve months.

And best of all, you won't have to work too hard to do it! You can start your own affiliate program and watch your sales soar overnight. Corey Rudl, author of one of the best internet marketing courses on the net  has more than 10,000 affiliates promoting his course. Now you may not be as successful as Corey in building up such a formidable affiliate sales force but what if  you had just 5 loyal affiliates selling just one book a day.That would result in $9750 in extra sales per month without  you even lifting a finger. (that's a cool $117,000 per year) and remember your delivery costs are ZERO!


Just about everyone has heard success stories about people selling information online. Here are just a few that I hope will give you a better insight into how exciting and profitable e-publishing can be:

  • I mentioned Stephen King earlier. His 66 page e-book "Riding the Bullet" pulled in a staggering $1,250.000 in less than 48 hours! Now I do admit that that is an unusual success story but there are numerous other marketers who are also doing incredibly well.

  • Take Ken Silver, the Ebook Marketing Guru and Author of E Book Secrets. Ken has sold over a  1,000 "how to" e-book manuals on the internet, priced at up to NZ$180.00 each, and more than a dozen E-Book  Secrets Reprint Rights at NZ$1,900.00 each... all on auto-pilot "without using search engines" as Ken admits. You'll get a  current copy of his book FREE so that you can learn the "recipe" from a REAL guy who is making a ton of money even as you  are reading this.

  • A more recent success story is  Monique Harris, co-author of Make Your Knowledge Sell who sold more than 800 copies  of MYKS in the first two weeks of its release raking in  a cool  $43,200.She has also had huge success with electronic newsletter that has over 800 subscribers gladly paying her $19.95 every month-that's an additional stream of income that brings in an extra $191,520 Her cost of inventory? Zero.Her cost of delivery ?Zero
  • Another success story worth mentioning is David Garfinkel who pulled in more than $35,000 in only 5 weeks from his interactive course on copywriting at www.killercopytactics.com
  • And here's a very recent one from Joe Vitale, one of the world's most sought after copywriters who has taught more than 200 clients to write and publish in the paper world. This is what he had to say in his June 2000 issue of "News You Can Use" "My e-book, "Hypnotic Writing," described at www.hypnoticwriting.com, continues to amaze and delight me with the ongoing sales. So far it's made way over $40,000---in just a few months. (I'm now driving a new BMW Z3 as a direct result. Forgive me, Saturn Corp.) What I want you to know is that you can do this, too. Easily. Quickly."

He goes on to say "E-books are THE e-z way to make money online. And they can be on any subject, from cook books to children's books, from novels to how-to manuals, from love stories to science fiction. Truly, anything goes!"

  • Here's how  profitable reprint rights has been for me in hard dollars and cents: Sometime ago you might have noticed  a few of my joint venture partners  endorsing the "How To Write Million Dollar Ads course  My two page site pulled in more than $20,370 in less than two weeks with a zero advertising budget. My cost of delivery? -almost zero with my auto-pilot system doing all the selling .No doubt I have to share my profits with my affiliates and Uncle Sam,but all said and done, I still have a nice little chunk of money sitting in my bank account. Not bad huh? Specially when you consider that these are the results of endorsements done by just a handful of joint venture partners.At this point it looks like I'll conservatively make an additional $100,000 in the next three months. My investment for the reprint rights to "How To Write Million Dollar Ads course was $1750 a mere drop in the bucket compared to the HUGE profits it is bringing in.

Are you salivating?:) There is no reason why you can't be the next success story -specially when you have PROVEN sellers in your product line and the best marketing advice from some of the marketing legends.

In your package, there's another great book by Bill Myers called The Unfair Advantage Letter Book ($495). We are including this book as a Quick Action Bonus. (more about this exciting bonus later) This huge book is filled with over 200 pages of proven money-making ads, letters, and press releases --a goldmine of information that every small business owner must have. It retails for $97.00. Yet, it only costs you $12.00 to print and deliver to your offline customers.

That means you get a whopping 808% profit! So, the minimum profit you can expect on a single order will be over $85.00! With profits like these, it doesn't take many orders a month to start making some real BIG money!

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Allen Says
The Internet Marketing Warriors


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Wayne Mandic
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Alan Fukuda

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Felix Ibay
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Duncan Carver  
Wellington, New Zealand

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Worth Of Goods & Services
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Once you get this package you'll want many of your ebook marketing questions answered. That's why I've included a copy of E Book Marketing Explained to make sure you hit the ground running. Every ebook marketing strategy and technique is laid out in nuts-and-bolts fashion and can be put into action immediately. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can get  all the tools and resources and clear, step-by-step instructions of precisely how to succeed in your own e-publishing business from an expert who makes a decent living from ebook marketing. ($37.97 value)

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Jonathan Mizel,Colorado

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FREE BONUS #3  Electronic Publishing  Manual

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The changes in the way published documents are distributed and purchased has opened an incredible door of opportunity for creative content developers and marketers --
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FREE BONUS # 4:   Advertising Magic: The Complete Guide To Writing Hot Ads and Sales Letters That Work!  

 A New, Simple, Proven, Step-By-Step Formula Will Show You… "How To Get All The Hot Leads And Customers You’ll Ever Need For Your Business… 100% Guaranteed!" Brian Keith Voiles has crafted sales letters for multi-millionaire marketers like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Robert Allen and others that have literally moved billions of dollars of products and services. Now You can Master The Art-And-Science Of Writing "Killer"Ads & Sales Letters right from the privacy of your home.        ( $327 Value)

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Quick Action Bonus # 1:

Reprint and Duplication Rights to Millionaire Marketing  a  hot-selling  audio seminar featuring three of the internet's most respected marketers. You'd pay upwards of $3,000 to attend marketing seminars presented by Marlon Sanders of the Amazing Formula fame, Jonathan Mizel publisher of the highly acclaimed Online Marketing Letter and Declan Dunn-the Affiliate Marketing Guru. Now for the first time ever, you can own the reprint rights to this powerful audio seminar.

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Reprint and Duplication Rights to How To Earn $30,000 A Month  With Direct Mail Home Study Course.

This course featuring Bill and Karen Myers  at the $6,500  marketing seminar in Key West, Florida will give your customers (and you) a complete education on how to make money with direct mail! It includes  four audio cassettes, and a huge 3-ring binder loaded with reference materials including the most practical information on direct mail you can lay your hands on. (a $625.00 value)

Quick Action Bonus # 3 

Reprint and Duplication Rights  to Jonathan Mizel's Web Marketing Toolbox Video Series

Unless you have been living in a cave you know that Jonathan Mizel is one of the most experienced Internet marketers today and he knows exactly what works and what doesn't – through proven-in-the-trenches experience. Jonathan has performed over 200 major e-mail campaigns for companies like Microsoft, MotherNature.com, Intel, and American Express – not using "BIG COMPANY" techniques but gutsy little entrepreneurial techniques that any person or small company could use. He has learned how to harness the incredible power of targeted opt-in e-mail.  Thousands have subscribed to Jonathan's newsletter at $195.00/year and he charges as much as $3,000.00 for his seminars.

It has taken a lot of arm twisting for Jonathan to allow me to offer you the permanent and unrestricted reprint rights to his Web Marketing Toolbox videos.

You and YOUR customers will  discover the secrets of successful Web site marketing as you watch how it's done. Learn about tracking software, e-mail marketing, managing your customer list, updating your Web site, Meta Tags, and much more. Use these proven techniques to boost your ebook sales. The reprint rights to these powerful videos costs $775 but is yours absolutely FREE if you act within the next 24 hours.  I have been allowed to offer only 5 licenses and when they are gone they are gone.

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Marlon Sanders, President
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  • Reprint Rights to Robert Boduch's Great Headlines Instantly Course 

  • Reprint Rights to Robert Boduch's Classified Magic 

  • Reprint Rights to Bob Silber's Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell 

  • Reprint Rights to Bill Myers 301 Direct Mail Tips Techniques and Secrets 

  • Reprint Rights Bill Myers The Unfair Advantage Letter Book 

  • Reprint Rights to the Direct Mail Toolbox Software 

  • Reprint Rights  to Writer's Friend Software 

  • Reprint Rights to Promotion Analyzer Software

  • Reprint Rights to the Millionaire Marketing Audio Seminar 

  • Reprint Rights to How To Make 30,000 Per Month With Direct Mail Home Study Course 

  • Reprint Rights to the Guide to Direct Mail Profits 3-ring binder book

  • Reprint Rights To Bob Serling's New Business Power Marketing Program

  • Reprint Rights to Create Your First Business Web Site in Ten Days

  • Reprint Rights to Jonathan Mizel's Web Marketing Toolbox Videos Series  

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P.P.P.P.S. Success Strategies Inc  reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.



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